June 2010

I love Cedar Point. The taller and faster the ride the greater the adrenaline rush. I can close my eyes and imagine the wind blowing up against my skin, the smell of the overpriced food from the food courts, hear the screams of excitement and fear that come from the people on the rides.

I can even taste the vomit in my mouth after getting on a ride too soon after I ate. It is my guilty pleasure. If I could ride roller coasters everyday for the rest of my life I would die a really happy man.

I will stand in line for 40 minutes or longer just to get on a ride that lasts 30 seconds. Each step that I take brings me closer and closer to my opportunity to go on a ride of a lifetime. Continue reading “The Great Amusement Ride” »

    This past Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of people walk across a stage because they earned a college degree: Associates, Bachelors, and, yes, Masters degrees. As a random participant, totally disconnected from the graduating body personally, I was still moved beyond measure. I could see the wave of emotions so clearly that it pulled me in. Almost like magic, I was hypnotized. Before long I found myself smiling, laughing, and rejoicing.

     I filled the roll of official scroll handler (a.k.a. the guy who hands the scroll to the Campus Vice President while trying to stay out of their photo in the middle of the stage). I saw firsthand the joy, relief, excitement, and satisfaction that flashed over nearly four-hundred faces. With cheering family members in tow, these graduates marched, stumbled, and even grimaced in pain to make sure they crossed that stage! Continue reading “Finish What You Started” »


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This story is to help you change direction when the things life throws at you have you stuck.

Running for my life

When I was growing up I can vividly remember watching with my dad the animal documentaries on PBS. There was something about the wild that was calming and inspiring. My favorite episodes generally had something to do with a lion. I was amazed how they travel and hunt in packs. But even with my love of the society of lions nothing impressed me more than the speed and agility of a Gazelle.

In the wild, lions tend to pick on the animals in the herd that are weak, old, sick or hurt. Even with the strength of their numbers they will go after the easy prey.  They spend their time focusing on how to take down the targeted prey with minimal effort and stress. The lions will separate you from the herd and isolate you from your protection so they can have an afternoon snack. Continue reading “Running For My Life” »

When Fear Turns Into Action (conclusion)

I did it. I did something that I was completely terrified of. Let’s just end the story there on a high note. So how can you take that first step into making your fear unto action? Here’s how. 1. Identify exactly what you are afraid of. 2. Realize that doing what you are scared of […]

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How much could you learn in 24 hours?

I was sitting at my desk at work trying to figure out how much would I be able to accomplish if I had no other obligations for 24 hours. What would I do? How much could I learn if I gave something my complete focus. Just the the thought of having that much time is relaxing compared […]

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