July 2010

I am sure you have heard about the oil spill in the Gulf. You know the one that BP is responsible for. If you haven’t heard about it I will like to inform you that there is an oil spill in Gulf. Many of us have seen the pictures of the devastation that the oil has had on the ecosystem. It has brought the fishing industry in that area to a halt.

The wildlife is covered from head to toe in oil making animal activists consider putting animals down to avoid long term health effects. We have shaken our head in disbelief and frustration at the delay of possible solutions and debates among politicians yet and still while the oil is being¬†pumped into the ocean. I have even responded positively when the CEO was forced to resign. Even though he still got a 100 million out of the deal. I wish I could get that much when I get fired. ūüôā Continue reading “It Started With An Explosion” »

This post was written by Jermaine Donaldson.

Do everything you can to follow a recipe for success.

I am not a great cook. I love cooking. I really love eating. I know how to follow a recipe, however, I usually end up adding ingredients that I think would make a dish better. Ironically, I’ve learn that some of the things I’ve “created” since I started cooking are only edible to me (and a few species of dogs). That being said, my wife has made it clear that when I cook for her she would prefer that I stick to the original recipe.

I’ve read over the past week a lot of motivational author’s take on the recipe for success. I personal don’t know if there is such a thing that can be applied at a universal level. Yet, if there is I figured it would be worth finding out in hopes of sharing.

The first site I stumbled upon was from Tony Robbins. He has a four step plan that he believes will lead you to success.

  1. Determine your outcome
  2. Take action
  3. Notice what is working
  4. Choose a role model

I don’t know how Tony cooked up this recipe but it seems simple enough to try. Being the recipe modifier that I am, my first thought after looking at this recipe is its missing God. If your¬†goal is not created with¬†any Godly influence then there is no guarantee that after you achieve it you’ll really be successful (in God’s sight).¬†See below for my new¬†recipe (with my added ingredient).

New Formula:

  • Consult God
  • Determine your outcome
  • Take action
  • Notice what is working
  • Choose a role model
  • For more details on each step make sure to check out his site. Stay tuned as I will continue to search the web to find ingredients for my own “Recipe for Success.”

    I had the opportunity to teach some young adults at vacation bible school the difference between living in darkness and in light. We discussed how people who do evil or bad things prefer to do them when the sun is down. There is something eerie about the cover of darkness. No one wants to be seen doing their dirt.

    At least that is what I thought. In this new day an age in which we live in people are so bold that they will do some of the most ridiculous things even while people are watching. Even when children are present.


    Just the other day I was strolling through the neighborhood and by strolling I mean driving, when I saw something you would not believe. There was a grown woman out shopping with the most obvious parts of her body hanging out. She was rated R, not PG. 

    Now, I do know it is hot outside with this whole east coast heat wave but come on. There are children out here. There is being cool and there is being, in the words of my sister in law, trifling. Keep that mess at home. Continue reading “Fool, I Can See You” »

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    I’m Building A Monument

    With each and every obstacle we conquer we are filled with an immediate feeling of gratitude and success. For a moment life is easy. There are no cares or concerns that burden your heart at this joyful period in time. Life seems perfect. But as life goes on the very victory we celebrated becomes a […]

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