October 2010

Man dunking

Photo by Steve Gertz


I don’t know if you are basketball fan but if you are you know the difference between a layup and a thunderous dunk. Although they are both worth the same two points, they are extremely different. A layup will add to your overall score and give you a greater opportunity to win the game because it is a high percentage shot. A thunderous and powerful dunk does not only give you the same two points but it has the power to swing the momentum in your favor. Don’t know what I mean? Check this out. Can you feel the emotion?


Picture yourself the running back in a football game and your team is down by 3 with 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Your team is in the red zone on the one yard line. The ball is snapped, placed in your hands and you explode through the line of scrimmage with the force of a full speed freight train crashing through empty wooden crate boxes left on the tracks. Two defenders try to deny you but you refuse to be stopped as you lower your shoulders, deliver a devestating blow, and  drag them along with you into the end-zone for dramatic effect. The crowd is going nuts before you even realize that you just won the game.


Imagine being in the heat of an intense battle with chaos surrounding you. Your unit is demoralized and afraid because they are out numbered and being overpowered. Through sheer guts and an act of desperation you run out into the open, aggressive yet under control, with rage in your eyes, and completely annihilate the enemy removing the threat of their strongest unit. In the final struggle you could have simply started a fire but instead to inspire your peers you make an dramtic explosion.


I don’t know about you but I want to go out of this year with a bang. To me accomplishing goals is great but I want it to be a thunderous dunk instead of a layup. I want to drag a defender in behind me and I want to inspire others from my success. If I can do it I know you can as well. So, why just accomplish a goal when you can annihilate them.

If your goal was to write a chapter a day finish out this year writing two. If you wanted to start your own business double your investment of time and energy and watch your level of engagment sky rocket. Still not convinced? 

Here’s some reasons why you should make a bang:

1. MOMENTUM – When you finish strongly the next obstacle becomes less and less intimidating. The crowd is in your favor. Emotion will carry you to your next success.

2. CONFIDENCE – With the success of every accomplishment you start to believe in yourself more and more. Confidence destroys fear.

3. MORAL – If you work in a team environment when people see your success it becomes contagious and the atmosphere changes.

4. TRUSTWORTHINESS– The display of your accomplishment will build trust with your peers. Not only did you complete what you set out to do but you completely destroyed it. Now you tell me would you trust the guy who got a 90% on a test over the guy who got 100%


What are you going to do today to make sure that you make a bang in this year?

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Consistency will take you everywhere you want to be.

I drive to work everyday. There is one light that seems to always last forever. I found myself stuck in a reoccuring sequence. I would drive down a long stretch, turn the corner and look at the light up ahead. For about a week straight everytime I turned that corner the light was red. Knowing that it was red I would drive extremely slow. I would look up again and off in the distance see the light turn green. Of course, I would kick the car into full throttle and try to make the light. The little hands on the speedometer would jump as I revved the engine. Sadly, everyday, I would watch the light turn yellow and then red right as I reached the light. And yes, I was stuck at the super long light another morning.

Finally it dawn on me that if I drove a consistent speed from the time I turned the corner I just might make that light.

This whole week I’ve been thinking about all of the unexpected obstables that have popped up here and there. The cool things is I have survived them all. The ironic part is usually after I turn a corner in my life I slow down, brace myself, and try to catch my breath. I’m seriously just happy sometimes that I made it through whatever I just made it through. So I lag off a little.

As you think about the last two months of this year I hope you recognize that this is a solid opportunity to set a foundation for 2011.

Use this time wisely. Don’t lag. 

No, you might not have enough time to complete all the goals you set for yourself this year. However, if you are willing to commit to consistently working on your goals eventually you’ll see the results you’ve hoped for.  Don’t wait until an opportunity is stairing you right in the face for you to start preparing yourself to take advantage of it. You may end up just like me… stuck waiting for another green light.

Track your progress

Time to take inventory

Are you better than you were before this time last year?

What tools or valuation methods have you used to track you performance?

How comfortable are you with your progress?

Do you want more?


As I sat at my desk at work the other day these very questions just constantly ran through my mind. Each year I personally challenge myself to exceed my previous accomplishments. It is extremely important to me to know I am changing for the better instead of naturally getting worse. I refuse to be a person who makes elaborate plans and never actually accomplish anything. I don’t want to become stagnant.

Do you know what happens to stagnant water? It becomes and incubator of bacteria and parasites. You make people sick. 🙂 It is also a breeding ground for blood sucking, draining, demotivating mosquitoes.  Do you know anybody like that?


Just the other I was talking to my wife and we were amazed by how much our lives had changed over the last 10 years. As I reflected on my own personal change I was surprised to realize that I was mostly still the same. I mean sure I have gotten married, had a kid, moved out of state, and have what I would like to assume is a career but though my circumstance has changed I am still a selfish, sometimes lazy, indecisive, and an evil, evil man. Okay so I am not selfish evil but there are somethings that I would like to improve about myself. 🙂

Many years have passed and my former aspirations and hopes about my level of success have hit me hard. Similar to a two ton anvil on the head of an unsuspecting Coyote who chases a Road-runner. I seem to be in pursuit of something I would never catch, not because it is unattainable but I just wasn’t working hard enough for it.


As I look back at all of the opportunities I had, all the time I wasted, all of the money I lost, I can gladly say I am grateful that I now have the sense not to let any opportunity to gain experience pass me by. As hard of a pill it is to swallow there is nothing I can do to change my past  but starting today I can do what is necessary to make an awesome future. I can have a future full of optimism and hope, a future full of development and challenges, a future full of no regrets but tons of learning experiences.

Now with that in mind here are some great tips to help you track your progress and make sure that you are growing and meeting you own expectations every year. Don’t be a stagnant bacteria spreading mosquito.

1. Make a list of personal goals.

If you know what you are working for it is much easier to track your progress and a great way to measure your success.

2. Make a list of your personal accomplishments.

What have you done already this year that you have not done in your past? You may have already surpassed your expectations and just never took a moment to reflect on them.

3. Make a list of your challenges and what you have learned from them.

So many times I have gone through difficult situations and called myself learning a lesson just to have to repeat the test all over again. I have relized the best way to remember the challenges is to write down the lessons you learned. They will help you pass the quiz if you have to take it again.

4. Compare your results annually

This is the most important step in the process. If you don’t track what you have done vs what you want to do you will never know if you have matured.

As you go through your year don’t waste your time focusing on what you could have done but on what you have done and can do to make this year the best year of your life.


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