January 2011

Out With The Old…

Out with the Old… One of the hardest things to do as a person is to know when to close a chapter and start a new one.  Yet, all of the universe, including the calendar system, lends itself to starting over. Every 365 (and a quarter) days the earth completes a cycle around the sun. […]

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This is Just the Beginning

Using every piece of artistic talent in their arsenal a director knows that they have only about a ten minute window to wow you with cinematic effects. The lights, the sounds, and even the vocabulary used sets the tone for the entire movie. At the  beginning an unbelievable act of destruction or a display of […]

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Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2011 everyone. This is a year of great promise and hope. Well here at A Spark Starts we will start off the year with an announcement. As many of you are aware of I have been given an opportunity to lead a community outreach and personal development program at my church. This requires […]

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