April 2011

DoctorIn the middle of the night, visiting my mother in Detroit, I was sound asleep and was awakened by a pain so indescribably overwhelming that it rendered me utterly speechless. The only way to describe what I felt is to compare it to someone dragging a razor blade horizontally across my lower abdomen continually with excessive force. I couldn’t stay where I was laying. I couldn’t scream for help because I was in too much pain. The tears in my eyes blurred my vision and finally I forced myself out of the bed.

As I stood on my feet and began to walk towards the bathroom, the excruciating pain forced me to my knees and I spent the next half an hour laying on the floor balled up aggressively trying to rub my pain away. My rubbing didn’t work. Feeling devastated and helpless I looked over at my son who was sleeping in the bed next to me and fear overtook my entire body. What if this is the last time I see my son, I thought to myself. Then fear became boldness. I prayed like I have never prayed before and through prayer I gathered up enough strength to make it to the bathroom.

That’s when things got real. I went to the bathroom to assess the situation my discovery encouraged me to make a trip to the emergency room. I was forced to wake up my wife without alarming my son. My mother with her calm loving demeanor had a look of concern in her eyes and my sister without a second of hesitation was dressed, had me in the car, and was telling jokes to ease my pain. Continue reading “Bad Advice Can Kill You!” »

…there’s as much nourishment in ’em as food. -Dorothy Gilman

I need to know that there is hope for me that extends beyond the right now. I need to know that there are things I’ve yet to experience that are prepared for me to walk into “if” I’m willing to labor and do the work to get there. I need the hope that is generated from something out in the distance that may not happen in 30 seconds but 30 years worth of decisions.

Without the pursuit of a dream there is little catalyst to go forward in life outside of maintenance (and extremely dangerous level of living). The casual “doing enough to get by” can quickly lead to apathy, complacency, and mediocrity. Yet, this state is almost impossible to avoid without “something” feeding a desire for more. Living in and of itself will not feed a hope of higher existence and goals. Instead the fallacies, strong holds, shackles, and potholes of daily living will find hundreds of ways to steal the joy, peace, and inspiration out of your soul.

By the adolescent stage, most youth are well aware of limitations. They begin to grasp the struggles of life and drift away from dreaming. It can take the rest of an individual’s life to return to the innocent strength of a pure dream and the uncompromising resolve to see it come to past. The food for your spiritual man is just as important as the food for your natural man. Without proper etiquette you’ll find yourself unnourished and near death. Catch this: Some people literally suffer from spiritual eating disorders. 96% of Americans agreed that (physical) eating disorders are illnesses not choices. I believe any person that is seriously spiritual in tune will agree the same is the case in the spiritual realm. See how this metaphor stacks up below.

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder characterized by self-starvation and excessive weight loss.

Spiritual Anorexia

A serious, potentially destiny-threatening disorder characterized by a person’s unwillingness to allow themselves to embrace positive thoughts in regards to their future. These are individuals who are so stuck in the philosophy that their daily grind “can’t” and “won’t” change that they won’t accept any hope from anyone (even if it is prepared by their own parents). This self-starvation method can lead to lost of hope and thus, lost of purpose.

 Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder characterized by a cycle of bingeing and compensatory behaviors such as self-induced vomiting designed to undo or compensate for the effects of binge eating.

 Spiritual Bulimia

A serious, potentially destiny-threatening disorder characterized by a cycle of extreme hope and aspiration in future endeavors immediately followed by extreme despair and rejection of any positive things being birthed out of the beings life. The self-induced rejection of hope and future goals is meant to be stabilizing and getting to “realistic” expectations however, this compensation technique can create identity issues and lead to pessimism.

THE GOOD NEWS… Spiritual Eating Disorders Can Be Prevented! Eating disorders arise from a variety of emotional, social, and familial issues, all of which need to be addressed for effective prevention and treatment. Once addressed, individuals are once again empowered to dream! I hope through the course of our interactions and discourse people will be invited to embrace “DREAMING” again.

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