July 2011


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I know, I know.

I spend a lot of time talking about, writing about, and thinking about “dreaming.” It has become my obvious obsession. I get excited every time I hear someone share a dream that they hope to achieve. It is to the point now where people who are dreamers gravitate towards me. Almost as if they can sense that I will immediately flow into the role of an exhorter and cosign their dreams by speaking positive words, sending uplifting vibes, and sharing business contacts that just might move their dream one step closer to reality.


I’m convinced that this is part of who I was always intended to be. I have an inherent desire to see people reach new heights. I get this unexplainable level of joy when I know I’ve helped someone. It’s not pride. It is a feeling that is a mix between pure excitement, peace and satisfaction. I tell people that I’m trying to change the world -one day, -one conversation, and -one soul at a time. Continue reading “Is Your Dream A Lie?” »

Bad Parent

I am a father.

The challenges of raising a kid, the right way, can be overwhelming. I compare it to a juggling act, performed on stilts, on a high wire that is stretched over the length of the grand canyon, with one end being cut by a pair of scissors. Too extreme? Let me explain. As a parent your basic responsibilities includes the following:

  • Provide food
  • Provide shelter
  • Provide clothing
  • Basic necessities

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The Responsibilities of Great Parents

To be a great parent the responsibilities include the basics as well as teaching all of the pertinent life skills like:

  • Caring (having a concern for others)
  • Personal Responsibility (being accountable for your actions)
  • Perseverance (to fight through adversity)
  • Friendship (maintain healthy relationships)
  • Common Sense (making better decisions)
  • Pride (being proud of who you are)
  • Effort (to always give 110%)
  • Courage (stand up for your beliefs firmly)
  • Resourcefulness (being creative and thinking outside the box)
  • Integrity (acting based upon what you know is right or wrong)
  • Patience (the ability to wait for things to come to pass) Continue reading “Bad Parents: Stop Ruining Lives” »

spilled juice“What does it cost?”

This is the response I get from my four year old daughter when I try to explain to her why I’m sad that she’s spilled Hawaiian Punch on the carpet. Her mom is walking back and forth shaking her head declaring that the child will never drink Hawaiian Punch again. I’m trying not to laugh as I explain that carpet, and the cleaning of carpet, is not free. Confused, my daughter gives me this puzzled look and proceeds to leave the room carrying a doll by its hair in one hand and a leopard printed blanket in the other.

In the distance I can hear her say, “I have five dollars.”

“Five dollars.” I’m down on all fours trying to scrub this bright red spot out of light grey carpet. My wife continues to explain to me that the last time we got the carpet cleaned we had to pay a whole lot extra to get out the red spots. For good measure, she throws in that she never wanted light grey carpet. “Five dollars, ha!”

My smile is now gone. The spot is not. I get up and plop back into the bed hoping that the child starts to love lemonade and water because who knows how long it will be before anything red makes it out of the kitchen.

In that moment, my mind goes all the way back to the search for my home. How I wrestled with lenders, went to multiple locations, and viewed numerous floor plans. I can’t count how many drives I made to the same location to look at the same place over and over and over again. I think of the money I had to put down on the place and how this amount ballooned right before I was supposed to close. Thankfully I had the difference. Continue reading “The Price to Inspire!” »

Hostile Takeover!

I did it. It took some mild begging, constant emails, and bribes but I have landed a guest post on Discovering Purpose. Ayo, my latest victim, has helped me further my world domination scheme. With all of my mind control techniques, I convinced Ayo that I had superior writing skills and the ability to inspire […]

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When Can A Man Cry?

It’s truly ok to cry… if you know when and you know why? As a guy I’ve always thought of crying as an overrated function that my body had the ability to perform. To make matters worse, I live in a society where the acceptable reasons for tears streaming down a man’s face are really […]

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