September 2011

football action

Photo by Michael Oh

I love football. It is by far my favorite sport to watch.

Why I Love Pro Football

Football is a game of centimeters, inches and yards. It is a game where the difference between winning and losing is a matter determined the momentum of going forward. Not only is football a game of space but it is a game of strategy and precision. It is not always full of 99 yard touchdown passes, unless your name is Wes Welker or Tom Brady, but each offensive and defensive possession tells a story. Some stories are short, some stories are long, but they are all great.

The Challenges of Going Forward in Pro Football

Players have to earn every yard to get down the field just to get a chance to score. It is not uncommon to see a team get one yard away from getting a first down, only to see them punt the ball away because they can’t afford the risk if they don’t cross the threshold. I have seen running backs desperately push through a pile of players with outstretched arms to get the ball over the invisible yellow line viewers see on their television screens. Continue reading “Going Forward | What I Learned From Pro Football” »

How can you call yourself successful when the people who should be the closest to you are pushed the farthest away? What is material wealth or possessions without the affections of your children, spouse, and/or immediately family?

It may be wishful thinking to hope that every person put in your path will LOVE you with an unconditional love. Yet, if all of your friendships are short-lived and the longer people know you the less they like you… you may have a problem with sustaining relationships.

When I reflect on what makes my life worth living there are a handful of things that immediately come to mind. Without boring you with the list, I will throw out that we get the honor of shaping our image in the eyes of our peers, friends, co-workers, etc. What are we doing with this opportunity?

Revisit Friendship

I remember high school. It was chaos. Learning was important but the social dynamics left just as powerful of an impression on me as pre-calculus and chemistry. Everyone had a unique circle of friends and pledged some level of loyalty to the group. Ironically, it was the groups/cliques that defined how people were perceived in this faulty environment. Thus, many freshmen sought out cliques to link to. Yes, there were a handful of individuals who had the courage to stand alone and be their own person. Trust me when I say this group was the minority. Continue reading “High School Musical” »

kid getting a haircutI cut my son’s hair.

Let me set the premise of the rest of this story. I am not a barber. To make things more interesting, my son is six years old and has more energy than the sun.

To get him to sit down for a mere 5 minutes would be a miracle. I needed him to sit still for 20. Well, just the other day my son and I was off on another haircut adventure. I went into the cabinet to grab the clippers, pulled in the high bar stool I use to have him sit on, and covered him with the plastic tarp to keep the hair from ruining his t-shirt and Star Wars whitey tighties.


I began the haircut like I always do with a firm speech. It went something like this.  ” Ian I need you to sit in this chair and act like you got some sense so I can cut your hair. Don’t you act a fool.”

By the end of my speech it sounded more like pleading. Continue reading “Patience |The Haircut Story” »

What is it Like to Have a Baby?

August 21, 2011 it happened. My second daughter, Kristina, was born at 1:24 P.M. Watching the nurse and the doctor clean her up I wanted to flash pictures, tell jokes, and make comparisons between her and my four year old daughter, Kezia. Instead I found myself speechless. When she was finally placed into my arms […]

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Could You Take the Path Less Traveled?

Sometimes in this maze we call life it is so difficult to determine what path we should take. Each and every road that we travel on is leading us to a different destination. One can take you to the cheese another can lead you to the trap. So, how in the world are you to […]

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