October 2011

the greatest journeyI had lunch last week with a high-ranking business woman for a fortune 500 company. Considering I’ve been on this quest to outline the tenets of success in a practical manner I couldn’t help myself. I had to ask her what tips she would give to someone early in their career.

Without hesitation she jumped right into four keys to her professional climb:

Know your business

Never get complacent with your industry or your position. In most cases, the knowledge you hold now is not good enough to stand the test of time. Thus, you must keep working to stay on top of what’s new and what’s coming down the pipeline. This is a key differentiators, especially early in a professional career, as many entry level associates are content to be gainfully employed.

Pick Careers/Companies Carefully

Again, early in your career it is easy to run after the job that offers the most money. In the words of another great man, “Money answers all things.” To some extent this is true, however, in the case of a life-long career this may not be the case. If you are going to be an entrepreneur then you’ll probably start with a budget of zero. Yet, if you have the discipline, working for yourself could be the best choice you’ve ever made.

If you are going to work for a company you have to do your homework. If you find a company that aligns with your values and produces a product that you 100% believe in, then you’ll have an easy time giving that organization your all. Believing in the vision, product(s) and the culture are essential for a long career without ten or fifteen restarts. Continue reading “The GREATEST Journey” »

Dirty dishes

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My wife says that I always make a mess. I might not agree with her but then again to some degree she might have a point.


I’m the wonderful guy who likes to get a new cup every time I get something to drink. It’s not that I just want to make more dirty dishes. It is just that I am too lazy to go through the house trying to find my old cup when there are so many new ones I can get that are right in front of me.

The same thing happens with plates. I eat a sandwich then I put my plate in the sink. Then about 10 minutes later, when I get hungry again, I grab another plate and make another mess. I have been told that by the end of the day I use more dishes alone than a family of 13. I hope that is an exaggeration. Then again after looking in the kitchen I can see where they are coming from.


I sit around all day eating and drinking till my heart is content. I load up the sink with dish after dish, and cup after cup. Now the sink is overflowing with the big mess that I just made. And guess what? I don’t want to clean that junk up. It stinks. It’s nasty. I don’t even want to go near it. Who wants to touch old soggy food? Continue reading “Life Lesson: Washing the Dirty Dishes” »

Sunrise over water

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I have been blogging for a little while now. I started with a simple goal. I wanted to make a lot of money and work from home. I slowly found out that this process was not as easy as it looked. I thought I would throw up a web site and wait for the money to roll in. I’m still waiting on that money.

Along my journey though, I did discover a new path. My writing and web purposes transformed away from doing something for me and it became about what I can do for others. I started writing about things that moved me in my life. I started being open about the challenges I faced and how I overcame them. For some odd reason people responded. My traffic blew up. That means I got more than just my mom to read it. 🙂

A Spark Starts from that point was re-born and became a pillar of inspiration to anyone who was looking for a jolt to get them through their day. Although, I would like to take credit for all the great stories I come up with, I must be honest and say that there are some great people who inspire me. Today I am sharing with you just who they are. Continue reading “The People Who Inspire Me” »

The Reward of Fearlessness

Unsurprisingly my suggestion to use a “growth platform format” to measure success generated a lot of controversy as several of the most cerebral “A Spark Starts” readers scoffed at the ideal of charting growth for life. Yet, overall, it was well received. One of the positive comments came from Michael Charney. He stated: “What would […]

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Ignition: The Inspiration of Family

It’s here. Ignition: The Inspiration of Family This is the colorful and interactive e-book that is a great source of high quality family inspiration you’ve been waiting for. Each chapter is filled with entertaining and inspiring stories that will draw you in and challenge you to look deeper into your own life. Here are some […]

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