March 2012

Dream CloudsWe all have dreams. There are many things in our lives that we all want to accomplish. But, are we putting the right energy in to reach them for the right reasons? Are our dreams truly our own or are they being established by others?

Chasing the Dream

I must admit, I actually would prefer to write for a living than get up and go to work four days a week for 10 hours a day. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit around all day using their imagination and creativity to write amazing novel after novel with words so powerful that they are quoted for generations to come. At least in my limited view, being a professional writer would be a dream.

However, in reality, I must do what I need to do to provide for my family. Becoming a best selling author is kind of like making it to the NBA, limited. I mean there are thousands of people who write and self publish books every year and only a select few actually make enough to pay for their publishing costs. In fact, there are people with garages full of books with no outlet to sell them.

A Life Without Dreams

Even in the midst of these hope destroying facts, the truth of the matter is a life is pointless without dreams. If I walked around thinking my purpose was to answer emails for a living, that wouldn’t give me much hope for my future. I would die unsatisfied and unfulfilled. The raw emotion of knowing that I have no hope for things to get better would put me in an early grave.

Imagine if you woke up and knew that no matter what great things happened today to set you up for a prosperous future, tomorrow would be exactly the same. Continue reading “Are You Chasing the Right Dream?” »

hostile environmentThere he sat surrounded by people who hate him. As his eyes peered through the room, he was unable to locate one friendly, happy or smiling face. How did this happen? How did a desire to want to improve his life enrage so many others? Why did trying hard to excel, make him an outcast? Since when did doing the right thing become a crime?

The environment that he is a part of is hostile. There is not a safe place in site. As he sits at his desk, he feels eyes staring at him, judging him, looking for an opportunity to capitalize on his failures. Every time he speaks eyes begin to roll, people begin to whisper, and people look for amusement in their cell phones or other electronic devices. He is constantly the target of ridicule when things go wrong and the last to get the credit when things go right.

The sad reality is that this is not a new occurrence. For years he has been in a place where one wrong move can lead to his catastrophic downfall. For years he has been in a place where everyone is rooting for him to fail. However, day after day he remains.

Why? Continue reading “Survival In A Hositle Environment” »