August 2012

Jasmine is awakened by the sound of her cell phone hitting the floor. It was set to vibrate anytime she received a text message. She frantically dives out of the bed awaking her boyfriend of 3 months who tries to gauge what’s wrong. She picks up the phone to see a text that reads, “Its 9:30, where are you?” She grabs her clothes off the floor and frantically speeds home to get back to her husband and kids.

Mike scored 27 points and was the MVP in the final game of the season against a rival high school. Two hours later, like always, Mike’s vision is blurry. His heart is racing. It feels like there is electricity running through his veins. The room is spinning around him and every step he takes feels like he is being elevated higher and higher from the ground. Unfortunately, his flight is cancelled as police burst through the doors of a party he was attending and he is caught with cocaine dust around his nose.

Lacy, a talented violinist, was cleaning out the storage unit at an apartment that she shares with her boyfriend. While cleaning, she sees out of the corner of her eye the case that stores her violin that she hadn’t played in years. She slowly wipes away the thick dust that covers the case and puts the violin to her chin. Before she could strike a cord, she hears the voice of her boyfriend screaming for her to bring her @#% back up stairs. She puts on her sunglasses to cover her black eye and quickly runs up to the fourth floor to return to her abusive boyfriend who she chose over her dreams. Continue reading “Get Out! You Don’t Belong There” »