October 2012

Sunset over FieldDuring the school year, every morning looks very similar in the Jennings household.

Improve Your Focus and Get Done Sooner

My son’s alarm clock goes off at 7:15 and he is the first one awake in the house. After he gets dressed, he makes his way towards the dining room where we have placed a box of cereal, bowl, and spoon for him to eat breakfast. All he has to do is pour the cereal and milk.

When breakfast is complete, he is to go in the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. Next, he puts on lotion, his shoes and socks, and brushes his hair. Then he is to do his addition or subtraction flash cards, multiplication flash cards, and get his book-bag. If he is able to complete all of these items, he is allowed to watch Sportscenter (proud dad) before school.

This entire process should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Ian takes 1 hour 20 minutes and rarely gets to watch ESPN.

The Unfocused Application of the Morning Ritual

Now since I have explained how his day should go, let me share with you how it actually goes. At 7:15, the alarm clock goes off. Ian gets out of bed to go shut it off, then he lays back down in the bed for approximately 30 minutes. He does not go back to sleep! He lies in the bed looking out the window or he walks around his room wasting time. Nothing gets done. At about 7:45, he makes his way into the dining room, sits down at the table and starts to read the back of the cereal box or whatever literature is available. He will read a receipt if there is one nearby. Continue reading “Improve Your Focus and Get More Done” »

It’s the biggest game of the year. The stakes are high. The challenge is substantial. This week Fred and his teammates are facing their biggest rival. Every major sports publication and station has been talking about this match up since the season began. It has been said that tonight’s game is a preview into which team will win the National Championship in college football.

With all the anticipation, Fred has been under pressure to perform. He is the best defensive back on his team and has the responsibility a defending the nations top receiver. To make sure he was ready for the game, he spent the last 2 weeks studying film, working with receivers who mimic the routes he needs to defend, and put in overtime in the gym to increase his speed. Now, it’s game time on his team’s home field.

Momentum Mis-Directed

In a tightly contested game, the score is 0-0. It has been a complete defensive battle that has now progressed into the 4th quarter. On a 3rd and 20, Fred positions himself closely to the receiver he is defending. The purpose of this close position is to use physical strength to stop his assignment from making it deeply up the field. As the ball is snapped Fred explodes towards the receiver with his hands outward attempting to drive him backwards. Continue reading “Make the Momentum Shift” »

The road ahead was illuminated with the bright red color of brake lights. The traffic which was just a moment ago flowing smoothly and rapidly towards my destination has now come to a screeching halt. In my rear view mirror, I quickly glance to see if the traffic behind me has began to respond to the grid lock that was ahead. Yet, I was startled by the young mother driving the minivan behind me, whom eyes widened and face turned pale as she stomped the breaks to avoid merging my back seat with the front of my car.

There we all sat in our stationary motorized vehicles wasting the expensive gas we put in them to run. Then after a devastatingly long 15 minute wait, the traffic began to inch forward. However, this slow and steady turtle pace was not enough to get me where I needed to go and allow me to arrive on time. I had to find another way. I had to either maneuver through this traffic or find an alternative route.

Alternative Routes

Not liking my odds of reaching my destination on time, I make my way from one lane to the other in stop in go traffic. I forced my way across a four lane highway to determine another way to get where I am going. Other than the freeway that I take daily, I am not familiar with another way to get where I need to go. However, I know there is a road that runs parallel to the freeway I could take. But, how far does it travel north and where will it lead me. Continue reading “Are You Heading In the Right Direction?” »

Take Control of Your Day

I wake up every morning with a million things on my mind. Is the kid dressed and ready for school? Did I pray? What shirt should I wear with this tie? Did I put the boy’s lunch in his book bag? Who is attending our team meeting this week? Did I put gas in my […]

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Don’t Waste Your Time

One of the most critical and continuous decisions you will make in your life is based upon how you spend your time. Just think about how many times this decision presents itself throughout your day. Should I work or read this story on the web? Should I sign up for overtime or go hang out […]

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