December 2012

In the middle of a cold winter afternoon, David made his way to the bank to deposit his payroll check into his account. The bank was located in the heart of the downtown area in the midst of the large buildings and breath taking city monuments. As he traveled down the road on foot, he constantly found himself fighting through the large crowds of people who were making their way to lunch or returning to work after eating. All he could do was hope that the line at the bank wouldn’t be too long.

Hostage Situation

David finally reaches his destination and makes his way to the line to work with a teller. There are only a few people in front of him and he is excited to be able to complete his transaction quickly. As he gets settled in line, he reaches in his pocket to pull out his wallet to gather the check that was stored in his bill fold. Before he could lift his head, he feels a cold metal object touch the back of his neck. In a flash an arm quickly makes it’s way around his neck placing him in a head lock and as his eyes raise, he notices he is being forced towards the teller who is starring at him with a look of terror in her eyes.

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