February 2015

highwayThe ball is rolling. You have made some momentum. Many of you have already taken the first step by identifying what you want to do and made a guess at what it would take to get started. Naturally you have questions. You want direction. You want clarity. You want a plan. However, before you can get into the logistics you need to go somewhere a lot more terrifying first: your heart.

This crucial part of the process of chasing your dreams is often overlooked.

The adrenaline rush of transforming into a new you and a new life will cause you to make rash decisions. You will grab hold of a vision and speed off towards the destination on a half a tank of gas thinking you are leaving your past behind. Well what many don’t know is that blindly following adrenaline is like leaving your wallet at home while you are speeding down the highway on 3000 mile road trip. Continue reading “Do You Believe It’s Possible?” »