May 2015

Father and SonJust the other day my oldest son asked me, “Dad, what should I be when I grow up?”

For a second I stood there pondering what preprogramed response I could give him that was spouted off to me by my parents are teachers during my adolescence.

Stock broker?
Basketball Player?

Personally as a college student I struggled with this question as I tried to choose a major. Then I became a full-fledged adult, after passing the right of passage of utility bills and debt, and noticed that the question no longer mattered. Once the “you owe money” notices started rolling in, it was a lot less about what do you want to be, and more like who will hire me and pay me enough to exceed my massing expenses.

With knowledge of this experience, I looked down at my son, stared in his eyes so intensely that I could envision his future, and responded slowly and thoughtfully,

“I know exactly what you should be when you grow up.”

He stood there like a hungry baby bird waiting for me to feed him with direction and a plan. I opened my mouth slowly and uttered a two word answer that was deeper than his 10 year old mind was ready to comprehend but it was something I meant that will be as unwavering as the seasons.

Ian I want you to…


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Construction HatBrick by brick and nail by nail, we all attempt to build a life of meaning from the raw materials we are given when we arrive at the construction yard of life. Some of us have a template provided and resources to easily help fashion our lives into a grand cathedral. While others are in a daily struggle to develop a meaningful blueprint of their own. No matter where we begin, we all have a responsibility to build and grow our lives to their full potential. The good news is it is our innate desire to be something more that we already are. This is something that is a part of our nature. I have yet to meet a person who, when asked, does not desire to have a life of greater significance.  The definition of significance may vary from person to person, but the desire to be more than what we already are is universal.

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As a parent, I don’t just want to be a good parent I want to be a great parent. I want to foster a loving and encouraging environment for my boys. My wish is to be the first person they call on in their time of trouble and be someone they can look up to as a model for their own life. Being honest, some days are better than others but in my own life I know there is so much room for improvement in my journey to be a better parent. I have a desire to have a larger significance in my home with my family than where I currently am.

It is the same with my career. For years I was a unhappy disgruntled employee. My frustration for years, I thought, was due to external forces limiting my ability. Instead I learned that my frustration was with myself for not taking the time to find my strengths, challenge and push myself beyond a perceived capacity, and go after the career I wanted.  I was unhappy because I wanted to make a bigger contribution and impact with my career than what I had done. I felt stuck. I wanted a job with more significance. Continue reading “Building a Growth Plan that Works” »