July 2015

Never Give UpIt’s impossible. I will never get this done. It’s just too difficult.

A mindset like this causes people to give up when their circumstances are not favorable.  It creates a feeling of helplessness and despair which robs us of hope and diminishes our abilities. If unchecked, instead of making progress we slow down, stop, and then drift backwards.  Moments like this is where the resilient dig in to reach their dreams. We must be relentless in the pursuit of our goals.

“Never, never, never, give up! – Winston Churchill

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You have come too far. You have been through too much. You are too deep into the journey down the path to turn back now. No matter how intimidating the challenge in front of you may seem, you will never reach your goal if you run when the going gets tough. If its important enough to you, nothing should be able to stop you. However, if you are contemplating quitting I included below five powerful reasons for you to stand in the midst of adversity and never give up:

1. Dreams Are Possible

“Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman did something that seemed impossible to many. She wanted freedom so badly that she found a way to escape slavery in spite of the deaths of many others that had attempted it before her. It is through her courage that many African Americans made it from captivity to freedom. Why did they trust and follow her? They did because time and time again she proved that it was possible. She did it for herself and then she did it for others. Historical accounts state that she did not lose a single escapee on the underground railroad.

No matter the odds, it’s possible.

2. Hope Builds Momentum

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seems hopeless failure may turn to glorious triumph.” -Elbert Hubbard

A place that is void of hope is a place where dreams go to die, a place where people honor survival over progress, a place where the atmosphere reminds you more of a prison than a place of free will.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that you don’t have to stay there. All it takes is a mustard seed of hope for momentum to start to develop. A simple thought, action, affirmation, or encouraging word can be the catalyst that catapults you to greatness.

3. Adversity Develops Character

“Every great man, every successful man, no matter what the field of endeavor, has known the magic that lies in these words: every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.” W. Clement Stone
A close friend often tells me the story of a successful businessman who now makes a six figure salary a year. We often are inspired by this man’s persistence to achieve his goal. During his early career he decided he wanted to work for himself. He quit his corporate job and went off on his own. Within one year, he was bankrupt, living in his car, eating scraps for dinner. Fast forward eight years and he now has his own firm and clientele. Did this happen immediately after his initial failure? No, he failed to be successful in this line of work three other times before he got it right.
He learned from every mistake until he found the formula to get it right. His challenges built his knowledge, character, and expertise. Don’t give up. You could be one challenge away from your breakthrough.

4. Consistency Gets Results

“I’ve learned from experience that if you work harder at it, and apply more energy and time to it, and more consistency, you get a better result. It comes from the work.” Louis C. K.

Our daily habits often contribute to our success and failures. It is what we do consistently everyday that impacts the direction of our life. When chasing our dreams we have to make sure that we add the practices daily to take our skills from novice to master. This means that we are to continually seek growth in what we do. If we can make the habit of pushing ourselves just a little more everyday, no matter how we feel, we will obtain the results we want. If we make excuses, we can’t be shocked about the lack of results.

5. People Are Looking For Hope Through You

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry they are always watching you.” Robert Fulghum

Children are just one example of people who are always watching your every move. They are looking to you to be an example to model their lives around. I can personally attest to this with my own children as well  as they often behave like me in social situations.

However, observing is not only done by adolescents. Your peers, co-workers, and family members are also watching how you respond to various situations in your life. The good ones are looking for you to inspire them and show them that their dreams are possible because they witnessed you reach yours. I can think back just over the last few years and can tell you that watching many of my friends progress their careers and strive for greatness has motivated me to seek my own path as well. You never know who is silently cheering you on in the background because your success will bring them hope.

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Fighting though adversity and the challenges you will face on your journey won’t be easy. In fact, they will cause you to make sacrifices you may not be ready to make, answer questions you would prefer to address at another time, and take more time than you may want to give.

However, the weight lifted off of your shoulders from the feeling of helplessness is worth all the temporary pain in your pursuit. There is a way out and that is all that matters. You can be free from the overwhelming feeling of doubt. You are on the cusp of a breakthrough that is well within your grasp if you would stretch yourself and reach for it. My hope today is that I have given you some solid reason not to quit. Whatever you have to go through to reach your goals is worth it.

Make today great!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation and not even recognize how you got there in the first place?

It starts off as one bad decision that over time accumulates like bricks mortared together by your willful ignorance. Even though you know the choices you are making are not helping, you act seeking a form of relief from the heaviness of your current predicament. Instead of this mortar being liquid and pliable, it is solid and callus as you avoid personal responsibility and never think of the consequences of your actions. Then one day, your eyes open and you can see vividly the mess you are now surrounded by.

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How did I get here?

Oddly, as you look at the ground around you there is no trail. You left no footprints. With every “easy” choice you made, you went deeper into a place like you were blindfolded being led by stress.  You can’t find your way out. Even worse, you can’t see your horizon because of the huge wall of bricks that you built in front of yourself.

Everyone’s wall is different. It could be a limiting career move, a debilitating relationship, a life threatening addiction, or simply bad habits. Whatever it is that is blocking you from going forward in your life or stopping you from going in the direction you want to go, I am here to help you get unstuck.

Below are five ways to get unstuck from your present bad situation. They are so universal that they can be applied to any issue.

1. Figure out where you are and how you got stuck there.

One of the worst things you can do in a situation where you are stuck is try to start moving when you don’t have a clue where you are located. This is extremely important.  You need to take some time and determine how you arrived at your current destination. What decisions did you make? What brought you to this point? Without knowing what caused you to get stuck you are highly likely to find yourself right back in the same situation you were in.

2. Take ownership and responsibility for your current situation.

Yes, you have made some bad decisions that put you in an unfamiliar place. Own up to it. Blaming where you are on others will not help you get unstuck. Instead, it will make you bitter, frustrated, and unapproachable. As tough of a pill that it is to swallow, many of us are in situations by choice. Acknowledge you made some mistakes and focus on what you are going to do about it now.

3. Know that where you are now is not where you will end up. You will be unstuck.

Today is the first day of a new journey to a better life. Things are going to get better. You know what bad decisions you have made. You know what to avoid. You know that you are responsible for your life. With this sense of awareness life will be a lot more inspiring. Say “I may not be where I want to go but if I look over the horizon I can see my destination.”

4. Link up with someone who wants to pull you to greatness.

I have tried in my own life to do many things by my own power. Every single time, I ran out of gas and stopped. It wasn’t until I started hanging around people who wouldn’t let me quit did I start to see results. When I was winded and weak, they picked me up and carried me. When I said I couldn’t do it they said “I believe you are going to do something amazing and I can’t wait to see it.”

Imagine being around someone like that everyday.

5. Keep going no matter the obstacles.

Let go of your past. Yes, you made some mistakes. Yes, you failed. Yes, you have caused some pain, frustration, and doubt. However, that is not who you are now. You have to forgive yourself and others and move forward in your life. Stay busy doing the right things. Stay busy learning, growing, and changing. Don’t live by your emotions. Do the right thing rather you feel like it or you don’t.

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I am sure everyone you meet has at one point in their lives been stuck. The great ones don’t stay there. The difference between average people and amazing people is often the ability persevere through those difficult moments. My journey has seen many brick walls and I can assure you that I will see many more. However, I know exactly what to do when I get there and now you do to. No matter where you are stuck, it doesn’t have to be where you stay. Find out how you got there, own up to your responsibility, focus on your promising future, partner with the right people, and keep moving even when it seems difficult.

That is how you get unstuck! I believe in you, you should too.

“You can either get results or you can make excuses. Only one of them will bring about change. Choose wisely.”

The Excuses That Will Hold You Back

“I don’t know what to do.”
“I don’t know the right people.”no excuses
“I haven’t made the right connections.”
“I don’t have the necessary skills.”
“If only I had the money.”
“If only someone would help me.”
“If I had more time.”
“I wish someone would give me a chance.”

Are You Addicted to Excuses?

These were the very words that came continuously out of my mouth for a period of five years as I sat around miserable feeling like a wild bird trapped in a cage that would limit me to an unfulfilled mediocre existence. Statements like this generally came after I made a forward looking claim that I wanted more for myself and my future, but instead I did more talking about why I couldn’t than acting on what I could. I was more interested with telling anyone who would listen my problems instead of taking actions that would bring me closer to solutions. I became addicted to excuses.

Each day that went by, I found myself searching for my next fix. I desperately needed something to take away the pain of reality. This was the reality I had created from series of decisions strung together over a lifetime. Instead of personal ownership, I snorted blame for a temporary high. Instead of doing the challenging task that would lead to progress, I shot up with reasons why I couldn’t be what I knew I could. Excuses were easy. They provided comfort in a uncomfortable situation. However, like a marathon runner jogging in place, my heart rate was up but I wasn’t making any progress. Continue reading “No More Excuses: Go Get The Life You Want” »