5 Reasons You Need A Strategy

by Frank

strategy game

Photo by Svilen Milev

Have you ever given a presentation and you weren’t as prepared as you should have been?

Have you ever had a great idea on a way to improve something in your line of work but you brought it to the attention of the wrong person and it dies?

Have you ever bought something based on an advertisement you saw on television?

Guess what? In that last question what you saw, heard, and experienced in that ad was a part of their strategy. Now, what is a strategy? A strategy is a unique set of actions, techniques, or tactics used to accomplish a very specific goal.

So here are 5 reasons you need a strategy for you life.

1. Without a vision the people will perish.

Have you noticed that the people who seem to get in the most trouble are the people with nothing to do. I know you have heard the saying, ‘an idle mind is the devils work shop’. If you have a specific goal and a strategy to get there you don’t have much idle time. Every free moment gives you an opportunity to get closer to reaching what you set out to do.

2. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

As a student in order to pass a test or even the class you have to make sure you understand the material. The teacher will strategically set up a lesson plan that will help you comprehend the material. Now imagine if that same teacher did not make a lesson plan for the students. What if she started teaching 3rd grade material to 5th graders?

3. Life is a game of chess not checkers.

If I strategically studied and crafted art all of my life I have a much greater possiblity of selling my products to the world. Unlike if I pick up a paint brush, dip in some paint and call it a masterpiece. I might get lucky and make something that doesn’t resemble a stick figure but I am more likely to succed if I have perfected my craft. Every action creates a reaction they may go beyond what you currently see.

4. Preparation is the key to victory in anything.

Take time to sharpen your axe.

5. It will save you alot of time.

When I was a kid I knew I wanted to one day be my own boss. I was surrounded by some amazing examples of entrepueners. My father and his brothers are a group of talented individuals who pride themselves on making due for themselves. Instead of preparing myself to make this step when I was younger I played around, wasted time, and now I am playing catch up. Had I made a plan, my life could possibly be a whole lot different now.