5 Tips to Market Yourself Better (in an Interview)

by Jermaine

Helpful Interview Tips

I hope these tips help you on your next interview

With the unemployment rate being just under 10% I think it is important to know how to seperate yourself from the crowd during an interview. In today’s post I have included 5 tips that will give you a greater chance of impressing your interviewer by leaving a lasting impression.

  1. Always tell how you’re currently investing in yourself. 
    -“I’m in the process of getting back into school.”
    -“I recently did a self-guided study on _______ .”
    -In the last three months I’ve read (X number) of books!”
    -“I have _____ as my career and professional mentor.”    
  2. Join a professional group/society tied to your area of interest.
    -Make sure to add the group to your resume.
    -Introduce yourself to the leadership board (via phone or email) and commit their names (and bios) to memory (if possible).
    -Get active and stay actively involved!
    -Be ready to discuss what you’re learning and who you’ve connected with in the organization. 
  3. Own Your Past.
    -Don’t lie about felonies on your record (if you have one). If companies want to know they will eventually find out. However, make sure you let interviewers know that you’ve changed (if you have changed).
    -Be honest if you played away your college days and now have growned up. You never know, they may fully understand.
    -If your job history has a few firings they may come up. If they do find a way to talk about them without lying or shifting all of the blame on someone else. As concisely as possible share what happened, what you learned from it, and how if given another opportunity you’ll handle the same situation now (which should be different).
  4. Talk about your future.
    -Study the vision and history of the prospective company.-Take every opportunity to talk about your future professional plans and how they align with the interviewing company’s vision.
    -If you are unsure of where you would like to be with the company still take the time to find atleast three things that would make you proud to work for the company.
  5. Ask Intelligent Questions!
    Write out at least 10 solid questions about the position, company, and/or management style. A few examples:
    -Does this position have continuing training/education opportunities?
    -When possible, do you prefer to promote from within?
    -What is the natural progression for people hired into this position?
    -What is the turnover rate for people hired into this position?
    -What qualities or skillset are you normally looking for?

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