A Year in Review

by Frank

Can you believe that 2010 is quickly coming to an end? This week is Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner. So instead of overwheming you with our normal writing schedule, this Thanksgiving week, the writers of A Spark Starts will be sharing with you some of our favorite posts from the archives.


It is really advantageous to have people in your life who can be brutally honest with you. I find it to be of extreme importance. If I am walking around looking like a fool I would love to have someone I know and trust tell me rather than a complete stranger. Maybe that is just me.


Everything that we want out of our lives is not just going to happen overnight.We will have to work for it, cry for it, die for it, and earn it.
I don’t want to be the guy who got so close but got out of line because I couldn’t wait for my turn. If you do that, you leave the store empty-handed and guess what; you still don’t have what you NEED.

Trying to Fix What’s “Not” Broken

I wonder sometimes how easy is it, when our lives are less than perfect, to assume that our lives are broken? Think about it. How many times have you read an article, watched a commercial, or talked with a friend who said, “I NEED a new life!”

Will Your Star Burn Out?

The bigger a star is the faster it burns out. Isn’t it funny how much this description matches the careers of some of society’s favorite celebs. Without saying ANY NAMES try to describe the career of one of our current “stars” that seems to be shrinking by the day. Is their fame as BRIGHT as it was when they first came onto the public scene?
What will you leave behind? What will be your legacy?