After You Turn the Corner

by Jermaine

Consistency will take you everywhere you want to be.

I drive to work everyday. There is one light that seems to always last forever. I found myself stuck in a reoccuring sequence. I would drive down a long stretch, turn the corner and look at the light up ahead. For about a week straight everytime I turned that corner the light was red. Knowing that it was red I would drive extremely slow. I would look up again and off in the distance see the light turn green. Of course, I would kick the car into full throttle and try to make the light. The little hands on the speedometer would jump as I revved the engine. Sadly, everyday, I would watch the light turn yellow and then red right as I reached the light. And yes, I was stuck at the super long light another morning.

Finally it dawn on me that if I drove a consistent speed from the time I turned the corner I just might make that light.

This whole week I’ve been thinking about all of the unexpected obstables that have popped up here and there. The cool things is I have survived them all. The ironic part is usually after I turn a corner in my life I slow down, brace myself, and try to catch my breath. I’m seriously just happy sometimes that I made it through whatever I just made it through. So I lag off a little.

As you think about the last two months of this year I hope you recognize that this is a solid opportunity to set a foundation for 2011.

Use this time wisely. Don’t lag. 

No, you might not have enough time to complete all the goals you set for yourself this year. However, if you are willing to commit to consistently working on your goals eventually you’ll see the results you’ve hoped for.  Don’t wait until an opportunity is stairing you right in the face for you to start preparing yourself to take advantage of it. You may end up just like me… stuck waiting for another green light.