I Can’t Do It Alone, Can you?

by Frank


I have tried and tried to do many things in my life all by myself, most of the time I fail. I don’t know if this was your experience but some things are much easier to do if you follow the instructions. Do you know what works even better, asking for help? I don’t know when the world became so self sufficient. We think that we can do everything all alone.


My mother has a granite table. It is the heaviest thing I have ever tried to carry in my life. When she moved to her new home I think it took five grown men to move it. This was a table. If we understand we can’t move a granite table by ourselves. Why do we think we can carry the weight of the world on our shoulders? That is a heavy load to carry.


Look around you. I guarantee there is someone who wants to help you lighten your load. There is someone who wants to help you but they are waiting on you to ask. You do not have to try to solve the world’s greatest problems all alone. Someone has already passed the test you are taking. Someone has already recovered from your addiction. Someone has found success in your area of weakness.

Find them. Ask them.


Why do it alone if you don’t have to?