Growing Towards Success?

by Jermaine

growing towards success

Is your growth and success only focused on ONE area?


Most success is viewed in measurements.  How many degrees do you have? How much do you have saved for retirement? What is your long-term plan and what steps are you ready to take to move forward to improve?


Somethings are easier to measure than others. Trust me, Frank  can measure money. With the help of a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) I can also measure prior education (training, work experience, professional certificates, etc.). Yet, there are somethings that are a little more complicated (depth of relationships, levels of trust established, spiritual health, marital health, etc). My suggestion is to view each area as an independent platform.

What is a growth platform?

As one digs deeper into strategic growth you’ll stumble upon the term growth platforms. Growth platforms are specific named initiatives selected by a business organization to fuel their revenue and earnings growth. Growth platforms may be strategic or tactical. Strategic growth platforms are longer term initiatives where the initiative and results span multiple years. Like the picture above, you can sit down and literally seperate out the different areas of your life to gauge where your time, energy, and effort are going. How are you REALLY investing? Are you successful in each area aka platform of your life? Does the amount of energy and time you invest have a direct correlation between your success level?

Invest in the business of “YOU”

It is possible to live an entire life out of balance. Don’t fall subject to this truth. Do you spend more time concerned about the impression you have on your boss then you do on your children? If so, how do you think that will impact you, your child, and your life in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?

What IS growth?

Career success at the expense of your personal life is a dangerous trade off. So as you strategize the next chapter of your life heavily consider the areas that are the hardest to measure. Go to that band recital instead of working that overtime this weekend. Pay a little more attention in those karate classes or ballet classes. Pray a little more. Turn off that football game or soap opera and watch a little Sesame Street, or, better yet, read a book.

Spend a little more time seeking the wisdom of your creator. That is how you’ll attain REAL growth. I haven’t heard a person yet who has followed this strategy and ended up dissapointed.


What are you thoughts on strategic growth and how are you using your experiences in life to measure your success? Please share with the group.