Are You Better or Bitter?

by Frank


Photo By Roman Volkov

Recently, I heard a viscous rumor. This respectable and intelligent young man had the nerve to tell me that test and trials come in our life to make us stronger. I stopped what I was doing to look this man in his eyes and tell him that with information that good he can’t keep it to himself because I don’t think anybody else knows it.

I mean really. Think about the stuff you have been through. Not the stuff, excuse me, the crap. I am talking about the mess that made you lose sleep. The mess that had you so frustrated that you thought you would kill someone. The mess that had you saying, thinking, and doing things you had no business even imagining. Now with every ounce of honesty that is within you tell me how you feel right now.

When I did this I got stomping mad. Hot!! Furious! Stuff that I should have let go years ago started to fester up some angry feelings in me. I’m starting to think Timon had that junk right on the Lion King; sometimes you got to leave your past behind you.

I can’t even be mad at the people who say that “it made me who I am today,” because there is a truth to it. Had you not made me so mad to the point I wanted to kill I never would have known how to use a knife so well. 🙂 (Just kidding, please don’t alert the authorities.)

I think we have all heard this saying time and time again that test and trails come to make us stronger but as an adult I think it is time to take it to heart. Am I really growing from the situations that I go through or am I just complaining enough to have to take the test all over again.

I can tell you this much some of the stuff from my past made me bitter. I have to keep working until I can get better. I have to get rid of the distractions.

Crap stinks, I recommend not carrying it around with you. We have to keep working until we start to learn and grow instead of fight and throw (things).