Are You Chasing the Right Dream?

by Frank

Dream CloudsWe all have dreams. There are many things in our lives that we all want to accomplish. But, are we putting the right energy in to reach them for the right reasons? Are our dreams truly our own or are they being established by others?

Chasing the Dream

I must admit, I actually would prefer to write for a living than get up and go to work four days a week for 10 hours a day. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit around all day using their imagination and creativity to write amazing novel after novel with words so powerful that they are quoted for generations to come. At least in my limited view, being a professional writer would be a dream.

However, in reality, I must do what I need to do to provide for my family. Becoming a best selling author is kind of like making it to the NBA, limited. I mean there are thousands of people who write and self publish books every year and only a select few actually make enough to pay for their publishing costs. In fact, there are people with garages full of books with no outlet to sell them.

A Life Without Dreams

Even in the midst of these hope destroying facts, the truth of the matter is a life is pointless without dreams. If I walked around thinking my purpose was to answer emails for a living, that wouldn’t give me much hope for my future. I would die unsatisfied and unfulfilled. The raw emotion of knowing that I have no hope for things to get better would put me in an early grave.

Imagine if you woke up and knew that no matter what great things happened today to set you up for a prosperous future, tomorrow would be exactly the same. What if you were destined to repeat the same day and events for all eternity? You would forever see the same sights, talk to the same people, do the same things, and act the same way. You would exist in a permanent state a stagnation festering long enough only to form bacteria and become a parasite in your own life and the lives of others.

The Current State of Dreamers

Sadly, this is the very state at which many of us choose to live our lives. So many people don’t take the time to dream. And if we do dream, we spend most of our time chasing after the wrong dream. So many people have been stuck in this demoralizing, life limiting state of being, that the highest point of their day has become complaining about their lives to the people around them. Their lack of hope attaches to the closest person and slowly drains the life force out of others like a leach.

Have you ever had a conversation with a person on a great day and afterward felt exhausted and depressed?

The Valuation of the Right Dream

To me, a dream is something that is realistic, attainable, and long lasting. I dream in Real D. I don’t find a benefit in wasting time chasing after things that others have deemed as valuable in my life. God is the appraiser of my future, not a room full of marketers telling me I need to buy more stuff. I don’t need a label to prove my self worth and my joy isn’t tied to my processions.

Instead I dream of a day where I can use my ability to tell a story to change the lives of the people who read it. I want to encourage people that there is a life beyond their struggles and a fulfillment that can’t be obtained by sweating the small stuff. I want to inspire my son to dream beyond being a professional athlete or an entertainer. Why? Because these dreams don’t last a lifetime.

A Dream Based on Well Being and Not Possessions

When you dream, you should be envisioning what you hope for in your future. You should imagine a changed, wiser, and more fulfilled you. The future should be brighter with you living with more confidence, helping others achieve their dreams, and being at peace with who and what you are. Is this how you see yourself in your dreams?

I think many people dream about having a big house, expensive cars, fancy clothes, and name brand curtains. Instead of focusing on their well being, they focus on stuff. They spend their entire life wanting more and when they get it, they are only introduced to more desires and an unquenchable lust for more power and accomplishments. To me that’s not a dream, its a curse.

The Dream Challenge

As you go through the rest of your life, I challenge you to take a closer look at the dreams and the things you are chasing after. Align your life to a purpose beyond possessions and watch how your potential future changes your present.

Are you chasing the right dream?