Are You Still Waiting on the Right Opportunity?

by Frank

waitingCan someone please do me a favor and define “waiting” in the following sentence for me?

“I am waiting for the right opportunity to arrive.”


I have heard this statement so many times recently that I am now completely convinced that if I sit around and do nothing the right opportunity will fall in my lap. That’s what I have been doing wrong. It all makes sense, kind of, in a ridiculous alternate universe kind of way. Alright, I am not that naïve, but it hurts my heart to know that there are many people who really think life works this way. I have heard this terrible phrase repeated so frequently recently that I am starting to believe there is someone handing out a life doctrine book with all the worst clichés imaginable, and you will never guess what statement is on page one. This one goes deep people. It is ingrained into the minds of the masses and causes them to live in the land of hope where action has been exiled and preparation is outlawed.

“Hey that guy over there is doing something. Call the sheriff!”


I honestly think that the world is full of “waiting” people because waiting is easier than acting. Hoping is easier than performing. Faith is easier than works. The sad thing is, many people never get off the bench and into the game. Instead they coach from the sidelines pointing out other people’s flaws instead of taking a chance on their own. You can’t fail at waiting. You can’t make mistakes while hoping. You can’t have your heart broken by believing in something.

“I believe I can lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. I’m just going to wait for inspiration to hit.”

The land of hope is full of dreamers sitting around talking about the day when some random encounter with a rich person will give them the means and support to accomplish everything they ever wanted. There is a daily chant at city hall where everyone says in rhythm, “It will happen. It will happen.” until they are tired. People often gather on porches and talk about the day when their dreams come true. They spend the entire day on Instagram and Facebook sharing motivational quotes and pictures of lions like they are hunters. Instead of doing something, they talk about doing something.


After years of reading stories of some of the most influential and successful leaders, you know what statement I have never seen in a book? You guessed it! That one! I have never read a biography on anyone who made a notable contribution to the world say, “I just waited on the right opportunity to arrive. That’s how I made a difference.” Why? Its simple, hope is not a strategy. God is not a genie granting wishes. Desire is not the key to success. The land of hope is a trap where people go to feel good and not get anything done.

Do this instead: Seek the right opportunity or create it!

ACT: Take the first step to becoming the person you envision. Educate yourself, learn the business you are interested in, challenge yourself, and volunteer your services to get experience.
CONNECT: Link up with people who are already doing what you want to do. Learn from their expertise and work with them to create a plan that works for you.
GROW: Reinvent yourself daily. Try new things. Make yourself strategically uncomfortable.

“I am preparing for my time.”
“I am acting on my faith.”
“I am moving in the right direction.”

The timing will never be perfect. Why not get started now? It’s time to leave the land of hope and get to the land of action. Stop waiting.