Bad Advice Can Kill You!

by Frank

DoctorIn the middle of the night, visiting my mother in Detroit, I was sound asleep and was awakened by a pain so indescribably overwhelming that it rendered me utterly speechless. The only way to describe what I felt is to compare it to someone dragging a razor blade horizontally across my lower abdomen continually with excessive force. I couldn’t stay where I was laying. I couldn’t scream for help because I was in too much pain. The tears in my eyes blurred my vision and finally I forced myself out of the bed.

As I stood on my feet and began to walk towards the bathroom, the excruciating pain forced me to my knees and I spent the next half an hour laying on the floor balled up aggressively trying to rub my pain away. My rubbing didn’t work. Feeling devastated and helpless I looked over at my son who was sleeping in the bed next to me and fear overtook my entire body. What if this is the last time I see my son, I thought to myself. Then fear became boldness. I prayed like I have never prayed before and through prayer I gathered up enough strength to make it to the bathroom.

That’s when things got real. I went to the bathroom to assess the situation my discovery encouraged me to make a trip to the emergency room. I was forced to wake up my wife without alarming my son. My mother with her calm loving demeanor had a look of concern in her eyes and my sister without a second of hesitation was dressed, had me in the car, and was telling jokes to ease my pain. I arrived at the ER in good spirits, full of pain but consumed by love, where they checked my vitals, made me put on the butt curtains (that’s what I call the hospital gown) and gave me meds, sweet, sweet, meds that took all my pain away. I was given a CT scan, ultrasound, blood work, urine analysis, and a full check of genetic medical history only for them to come back with an undetermined diagnosis. I saw resident after resident, nurse after nurse, specialist after specialist who each told me I had something different.

My sister finally told me to stop listening to people because no one knew what they were talking about. Then the Dr. came in and put all of the other diagnosis to rest. She stated confidently what my condition was, prescribed me medication and signed my discharge paper work. To me though a diagnosis wasn’t good enough I wanted to know what caused my issue so I could avoid it in the future.

Pay really close attention to what I am about to say here….The Dr. who makes 7x what I do annually in a days work told me, “You look like a smart young man, Google it!”

WHAT!?? After laughing hysterically with my sister, I read the discharge paper and I quickly determined that I had been misdiagnosed. I was treated based on a past condition that was in no way related to my current distress.


Let me make this crystal clear for you. I thought I was going to die. My current distress at that time consumed anything and everything that was going on in my life. I needed help and I went to what I thought was the place I could find it. I was seeking the advice of a so called professional. I was looking for someone who could help me take the pain away.

In your life the pain may not be physical. You may not have excruciating pain in your body but there is something that is bothering you. There has to be something that has or is causing you pain and all you need is someone with the correct experience to help you. I have a secret, if you want a life changing healing to take place in your life. You have got to pay attention closely to where you get your advice. Everyone with fancy initials behind their name should not automatically qualify them to speak into your life.

If you want help, if you want to change your life, if you want to get rid of the pain, you have to go to someone who is familiar with your condition.

Today is a great day to get a proper diagnosis and be healed. Please be careful where you get your advice because the wrong diagnosis can kill you.

Take care of yourself!