Bad Parents: Stop Ruining Lives

by Frank

Bad Parent

I am a father.

The challenges of raising a kid, the right way, can be overwhelming. I compare it to a juggling act, performed on stilts, on a high wire that is stretched over the length of the grand canyon, with one end being cut by a pair of scissors. Too extreme? Let me explain. As a parent your basic responsibilities includes the following:

  • Provide food
  • Provide shelter
  • Provide clothing
  • Basic necessities

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The Responsibilities of Great Parents

To be a great parent the responsibilities include the basics as well as teaching all of the pertinent life skills like:

  • Caring (having a concern for others)
  • Personal Responsibility (being accountable for your actions)
  • Perseverance (to fight through adversity)
  • Friendship (maintain healthy relationships)
  • Common Sense (making better decisions)
  • Pride (being proud of who you are)
  • Effort (to always give 110%)
  • Courage (stand up for your beliefs firmly)
  • Resourcefulness (being creative and thinking outside the box)
  • Integrity (acting based upon what you know is right or wrong)
  • Patience (the ability to wait for things to come to pass)

To be an outstanding parent you would include everything from the two lists above as well as the following:

  • Teach financial responsibility
  • Instruct on organization and time management
  • Give them experiences and be involved in their passions.

The list could go on and on. I mean with all of the different areas of focus it is possible to get something wrong. Guess what? That doesn’t make you a bad parent. This post is not about you. It’s about BAD PARENTS!!
Please be aware if you are a bad parent do not read any further because what you read WILL offend you. Consider yourself warned.

My Definition of Bad Parents

Bad Parent: A person who acts in a capacity where their child is an unwanted burden and it is openly displayed by their actions. These actions may include physical abuse or any form of emotional neglect which is intentional and continuous.

I know you are thinking who is this Frank guy and why does he think he can define what a bad parent is. Well before you disagree with me and move on to the next site please read what I have to say next.

A few weeks ago I was shopping at my local Wal-Mart and heard a 6 year old child singing a hard core rap song, expletives included. Then I overheard her mother state she was about to buy the new Lil Wayne CD so they could blast it in their car as they cruised downtown.


This brings me to my first point. If your child knows every song that comes on the radio from beginning to end and they can’t read, you are a bad parent.

I could go on with stories like this for hours but I respect your time so here is a quick list in no particular order.

You are a bad parent if:

  1. You care more about the drink specials at the club on Tuesday night than if your child completed their homework.
  2. You dress like a million bucks and your child’s clothing makes them look so bad that random people give them money on the streets.
  3. Your older children discipline their siblings because you are never around.
  4. You think it’s cute when your young child swears and says obscenities.
  5. Your kids know not to talk to you after you have had too much “adult juice”.
  6. You tell your kid that you are going to do something and you don’t even make an attempt to follow through.
  7. You had your kid for monetary purposes. (yes it does happen) This could be for child support, federal aid, or income tax checks.
  8. You only want something to do with your child around income tax time.
  9. Your daughter can dance better than the women in hip hop music videos and you think it’s cute.
  10. You go to a parent teacher’s conference and curse out the teacher because they say your child is a disruption. (They get it from you.)
  11. Your kid is terrorizing others and you support their aggressive behavior.
  12. You teach your kid that your race is supreme and you use racial slurs to describe people different than yourself…

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I am honored that I have been given the necessary burden and responsibility of being a parent. It is the one job that I don’t take lightly. I have the power to ruin someone’s life based upon the decisions I make. If I fail at doing the right things and setting the right examples I could potentially put my son’s future at stake. I know I can’t make his decisions for him but it is my job to do my best to prepare him.

My intention is not to be cruel with this post but it is to challenge those who may be missing the mark. When people have the audacity to ignorantly taint the future generations because of their own social or moral inadequacies I felt I had to say something.

Bad parents, it’s not about you. All I care about is the kids. Stop ruining lives!