Be Here Now

by Jermaine

Be Here Now

Are you really LIVING in the moment?

A few months back one of my coworkers shared a quote that chipped away at the entire way I live life. He simple said three words,


I know that doesn’t sound like much but when one attempts to practically apply it to every area of your life it becomes readily apparent that this is not a mantra that many hold. Think about it, how often are you with your family and thinking about work? How often are you at work and thinking about your family? I know personally I can be physically at one place and mentally some where totally different. Actually, I pride myself on having a vivid imagination and get great joy out of drifting into la-la land.

But what am I missing by Drifting?

Of course, we’ll all have the tendency to think of other things and other places. That will never totally leave. However, I believe if one commits to putting forth an effort to live every moment of every day totally invested in that moment then the chances of them being successful and productive go through the roof!

The harsh truth, that I grudgingly admit, is I bring work home three out of five days every week. It is not that I’m mad or upset or any of that. It is just that I am so immersed into my pursuit of success at my job that I often find myself still thinking about work related issues hours after I am away from the office. I talk about it. I rethink situations over and over again and rehearse how I’ll do things differently next time.

STOP bringing Work Home

Yes, I do occasional bring family to work. (It is hard not to when you’ve just had a new beautiful baby girl.) Yet, that doesn’t seem to be as big of an issues as bringing work, or other leisure activities, home. This ‘drifting’ can become counter-productive. By focusing so much on an area you may be missing, or under nourishing, other areas of your life.

I’m sure our children don’t want to see daddy (or mommy) sitting on the laptop every day trying to get ahead at work by working at home when they’re technically off. I’m 100% positive our spouses have heard enough of our work stories that drag on and on. By shortening the time we spend reflecting and turning our attention to church (when at church), home (when at home), family (when with family), fun (when having fun) I really feel that there is a NEXT LEVEL of freedom available.