Breaking and Entering

by Frank

“When God shuts a door he opens up a window”

Look for the open window

I can visualize myself standing outside at the front door of a house that represents my hopes and dreams. There I stand waiting patiently for my opportunity to get in. Eventually I gather the courage to knock on the door and am immeadiatly consumed by what I can hear. The joy, peace, and happiness that fills the house is overwhelming.

I can see, through a small window by the door, the happiness it brings to the people inside. I can imagine the taste of the food that is being prepared. I can even hear the people celebrating, and screaming as they play a close game in Madden (guilty pleasure).

In sheer astonishment I take a step back to absorb the beauty of this home. I have never seen anything quite like it. To my surprise even though I have an invitation, these are my dreams, no one seems to be answering the door.

Maybe they can’t hear me, I thought to myself. I will knock louder. After a few minutes of frantic knocking which turned to beating then kicking then ramming with my shoulder I was starting to believe I would never get in. Feeling like a sore fool I reached down to grab the door knob assuming it was unlocked this whole time only to be filled with more disappointment as it wasn’t.

Why can’t getting to our dreams be easy?

Wait, why didn’t I think to just ring the doorbell? That is what it is there for right. At least that is what I thought. I have been standing outside of this same door for 25 years just ringing away. I have got to get in. I refuse to spend the rest of my life waiting for someone else to open the door for me.

With the look of rage in my eyes I storm out into the front yard looking for something I can break open the door with. Being polite wasn’t getting the job done. I had rung the doorbell, knocked on the door, kicked, scratched and shaken the handle aggressively just to be on the outside looking in. 

I see a shovel, some large stones, a ladder, and some rope. Desperate to participate in my own visions of grandeur, I plan the most elaborate scheme to break into the “house” of my dreams.

Wait, is that window open? Where did I put that ladder?

What you want out of life is most likely not going to be handed to you on a silver platter. This story is to illustrate the importance of waiting for direction and instrution to go from standing outside to being in the house.

I dare you to look for the window.

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