Breaking Your Mind Free

by Frank

Five Of The Mental Limiting Beliefs of Breaking Relationships
This is part two of a six part series (Breaking Unhealthy Relationships Now-B.U.R.N.

In order to break unhealthy relationships you first must get over the mental obstacles and beleifs that will slow or stop your transition away from the unhealthy party. So what are some of the limiting beliefs:

1. You think you won’t find another party to replace this relationship.

2. Teminating this relationship is useless becasue you will still have to interact with the party.

3. It is a waste of time to confront the other party because they wont change.

4. You don’t think you are strong enough to stay away from the other party.

5. It would be cruel to end a relationship.

Now as you read through the list I am sure these are things that may have gone through your mind as you think about the parties you are considering removing from your life. I promise you this will in no way shape or form be an easy task to complete but it is a crucial step in reclaiming your life and taking the first step towards becoming a better you. These are just some of the mental road blocks that you will face and have to overcome.

How would you overcome these beliefs?

I will tell you how I did it on my next post.

Next up: The Confrontation