Bring Your Heart

by Jermaine

I’m going to say something today that betrays most of the things you may have ever heard about working a job. I know people who tell me all the time. Don’t do too little, you’ll get fired. Don’t do too much, people will expect more. In reality people try to convinced the driven to “just do enough to get by.”

I have to grudgingly admit that this works. You can coast by for years at a job without making waves, being noticed, or being fired. You can keep collecting checks and getting satisfactory reviews. My questions is, “WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT?”

Care about what you do with every fiber of your being. Bring your heart to your work! The only way to become the best at anything (even something you don’t like) is to throw yourself into it. Spending the time it takes to be the best is not that much more than it takes to “just get by.” Yes, there may be some unexpected nay-sayers if you shine too bright.

So what!

Let them talk! Your confidence in yourself and your desire to excel will eventually create strong ties or break bonds. Either way, it was bound to happen eventually. Being the best should not be viewed as a burden. Having the ability, knowledge, skills, and ingenuity to excel is a blessing to be reveared. Why not show just how blessed you are!