by Frank

As I go through this jungle of life I have learned to stop and enjoy my surroundings. The SAFARI, though dangerous can be a beautiful place. It is full of vibrant colors and all sorts of exotic plant and wild life.

Rivers, both calm and raging, and streams flow through it to provide nourishment for its inhabitants. Several times I have had to INTER my NET into those very streams and become an EXPLORER for food for the sake of survival. The rocks had a shine on them reminiscent of CHROME in sunlight.


Photo by Francesco Marino

Rain is a common occurrence and though its presence is annoying it is a sign of future growth. Rain can put out the FIRE and bring the FOX out of hiding. Rain can refill a drying riverbed or revive a dying plant. Rain brings water and water sustains existence. Rain is an important part of life, my life.

As I look BACK at the treacherous and dangerous terrain I have navigated through, I am surprised at the strength I now posses. Climbing trees to avoid an animal and pulling my body from quick sand have given me massive muscle. I have developed physically and mentally by fighting to stay alive. The most important aspect of my survival is that I keep moving FORWARD.

I can honestly say that there have been many points in my life where I just wanted to STOP. The rain was too heavy and the ground started to flood. I was running from animals that were faster and smarter than me. Poisonous plants, in my haste to escape imminent danger, had wounded me.

At times my future looked dark and even non existent. Luckily, I was able to REFRESH my life and my way of thinking and find encouragement.

For some reason the view of my future had been MINIMIZED. It was still there. I could see the window, though small, and some of the content. I wanted to give up because I couldn’t see the full picture. I was lost in the jungle wanting to get HOME but I didn’t have the right ADDRESS. So before you CLOSE the window make sure you have SEARCHED for all of the answers you are looking for.

Are you even connected?