Capture the Frozen Moment

by Frank

Sledding in Michigan


There are only a few things that I like to do other than writing. Let me rephrase that. There are tons of things I like to do other than writing but one thing that gives me almost as much joy is photography. I think that in a fight (not physical) my weapon of choice would be my pen and my camera. I really like to shoot people… with my camera. I know some of you were concerned because I am from Detroit.  🙂

There are not many places that I go when I don’t have my camera in hand. This behavior drives my wife crazy but it doesn’t stop me. What is she going to do divorce me because I like to take pictures? I sure hope not. It would be her lost. I hear I am quite the catch and that’s because I tell myself that every morning. 🙂 Anyway, if you haven’t guessed it by now I really like to take pictures.


I don't care how much these lessons cost dad

With a camera you have the ability to capture a moment in time, freezing a memory. This gives you the opportunity to visually remember an action, incident or joyous occasion with a physical item that can be reviewed by generations to come. My camera is full of stories. Without saying  a word I have been able to capture emotions, witnesses beautiful landscapes and observe people in their true element and not just a portfolio of people smiling and saying cheese.

The power of photography in my eyes can never truly be explained but it has to be experienced. (I know this is suppose to have some inspiration to it, please just stay with me.)


Clown suit

Indoor Circus

Don’t just remember you son’s first soccer lesson, capture it. Do you love music? Don’t tell me about it let me see it. Have you found the love of your life? Share it with the world.

Throughout this post are some great visual memories from my past. These are the moments that words just can’t explain.


Life is short. I have lost friends and loved ones.  Unfortunately, all I have left is my memories of them to get me by. Technology has advanced to a point where capturing a memory is so simple that it can be done by a telephone. As you spend time with the people that mean the most to you don’t you think it is a good idea to capture them in their element. Don’t just rely on your brain to remember the good times. Don’t let photography die.

The Mrs Being Silly

Share the  stories of your life with future generations visually. I guarantee you can change someones life. Put it to the test. Go look at some old pictures and tell me how you feel afterward.

I encourage you to capture more of the frozen memories of life.

What do you think? How has photography changed your life? How do pictures make you feel?