I Don’t Care, Be Mad!! I Won’t Stop Pushing You.

by Frank


You push me and I'll push you.

I Write To Encourge You

I don’t know if you have figured it out but I love to write. There is nothing that I enjoy better than being able to throw in my two cents into your situation. Some of the time I get a response from readers that I am right. Some of the time I get it wrong. Hey I am human. The thing that I really want you guys to understand is I write this for you. The very goal and purpose of this site is to encourage you in times where you are lacking motivation in any area of your life.

Purpose is Pushing Along

I don’t take it lightly that you spend your valuable time and read what I have to say. I understand the challenges that we face in life and I have even been through some situations where everything looked hopeless. Then one day I decided to stop worrying and start trusting. There was something that was much bigger than me that was pushing me along. When I was tired and out of gas there was someone in my corner with their hand on my back pushing me to go on.

Well today I have made a declaration. At one point I had been a little disappointed by my progress with web traffic and subscribers. I was beating myself up and feeling like a failure because I didn’t become an overnight celebrity. My focus was on the wrong thing. Then I decided to take a moment and read through some of the work Jermaine and I have put into this site and guess what happened. A freaking spark started within me. Who knew I would get motivated by my own work.

Personal Declaration and Promise.

I started this site to change the lives of the people who read it. I am here as a reflector of light and encouragement. I vow to continue to push you when you want to give up, to harass you into perfection and to annoy you if you don’t contact me. I don’t care if there is 1,000 subscribers or 2,000,000 I won’t stop pushing you. At the end of the day you guys make me better. Writing is my peace and my purpose and you guys give me an outlet.

So, today I want to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you who have read, commented, emailed, subscribed, and forwarded a post.  Every time you stop by you help me to endure through the unnecessary stress I place on myself and push me to keep writing.

Thank you.

Now don’t get upset when I return the favor.  

Are you better than you were the day before?