Skinny and UnhealthyI just wanted $200.

I didn’t come in here for your results, or your concerns, or your warnings. I came to this health screening as an obligation to get a free payday from my employer.

There is no way in the world I can be skinny and unhealthy.

Yet, even with all of my disbelief, the charts don’t lie. My blood pressure is high. My cholesterol is startling. If I don’t make a change soon, I won’t have to be concerned about $200. There is the whole eternity thing that I would be dealing with first hand.

Who knew you could be skinny and unhealthy?

I sure as heck didn’t. I guess the days of eating 3 egg omelets with four pieces of bacon and a half of stick of butter are gone. Just thinking about that right now makes my chest hurt. Gone are the days of double bacon cheeseburgers with extra bacon dipped in fry grease for flavor. I can no longer indulge in the pleasures of half a carton of ice cream and the flavorful fat the hangs off a piece of steak. This stuff will kill me. Continue reading “Skinny and Unhealthy: My Reality Check” »

DoctorIn the middle of the night, visiting my mother in Detroit, I was sound asleep and was awakened by a pain so indescribably overwhelming that it rendered me utterly speechless. The only way to describe what I felt is to compare it to someone dragging a razor blade horizontally across my lower abdomen continually with excessive force. I couldn’t stay where I was laying. I couldn’t scream for help because I was in too much pain. The tears in my eyes blurred my vision and finally I forced myself out of the bed.

As I stood on my feet and began to walk towards the bathroom, the excruciating pain forced me to my knees and I spent the next half an hour laying on the floor balled up aggressively trying to rub my pain away. My rubbing didn’t work. Feeling devastated and helpless I looked over at my son who was sleeping in the bed next to me and fear overtook my entire body. What if this is the last time I see my son, I thought to myself. Then fear became boldness. I prayed like I have never prayed before and through prayer I gathered up enough strength to make it to the bathroom.

That’s when things got real. I went to the bathroom to assess the situation my discovery encouraged me to make a trip to the emergency room. I was forced to wake up my wife without alarming my son. My mother with her calm loving demeanor had a look of concern in her eyes and my sister without a second of hesitation was dressed, had me in the car, and was telling jokes to ease my pain. Continue reading “Bad Advice Can Kill You!” »


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Just the other day at work I had the opportunity to take part in a health screening. They were doing some simple tests on bmi, blood pressure, and cholesterol level. To encourage maximum participation my job also was giving out $100 to anyone who had the courage to do so. I am 26 years old and even though I often enjoy my ice cold milk and an entire sleeve of Oreos, my metabolism keeps me looking fit and healthy.

I walked into the health screening feeling confident and wealthy. I just made $100 just for someone to tell me my body is a piece of art. 🙂 I mean forget the baby’s shoe they should dip my immune system in bronze to preserve it for future generations to see. At least that was what I thought.


The procedures were not invasive and simple to do. Even the cholesterol test only required a finger prick and a few drops of blood. All in all I thought to myself, “What an easy way to make money. I wonder how many of these will they let me do today?” Finally the time had come to discuss my results. The lovely young lady looked me in the eye and told me that my blood pressure was great. Just as I had suspected it would be.

She then looked over my BMI and body fat percentage and she was even impressed. I figured they should just bronze me because this is what perfection looks like. Then she quickly flipped over the chart confidently, thinking that we were just wasting both of our time, to tell me that I was great and send me on my way, when her smile disappeared.

My cholesterol was through the roof and not he good cholesterol either. Our entire discussion changed and I spent a lot more time than I imagined talking to the nutritionist. I went into this screening looking for a simple pass and $100 and I walked out with a life changing information. I went from being bronzed to just wantingt to know did I pass.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a pass or fail type of test. So how in the world does this relate into investing in yourself. I will tell you.


I can sit around and read books until I am blue in the face. I could stay up all night writing about how to solve world hunger. I could spend the next few hours and do something I really enjoy. After all of that I could be dead. The best way to invest in yourself is to take care of yourself. Your health is an extremely important part of your overall well being. The healthier you the greater your chances of being around to make the necessary changes to change you life.

Tomorrow isn’t promised. Take advantage of today.

By the way my cholesterol is not at all life threatening I just didn’t get the dip in bronze I was expecting. It was a wake up call for me to start to make a change before it got worse.

So here are some tips that were shared with me that I thought would be good to pass along. (I know you have heard them before.)

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Eat fruit and nuts.
  3. Eat more vegetables.
  4. Eggs are not a snack food
  5. Eating a sleeve of Oreos is bad.
  6. Whole grains are great for your body.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week theme of investing in yourself and I would love to hear some tips from you on what you do to invest in your life on a daily basis.

Share your tips below.


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