TimeOne of the most critical and continuous decisions you will make in your life is based upon how you spend your time. Just think about how many times this decision presents itself throughout your day.

Should I work or read this story on the web?
Should I sign up for overtime or go hang out with my friends because it’s Friday night.
Should I play Madden all night or spend time with my wife?
Should I get a good nights sleep or stay up until 2:30 a.m. watching shows I don’t even like?

We are continually making decisions about how we spend our time. These choices, even though we may not give them credit, are shaping our future. Our time based decisions are leading us towards a reward or negative consequences. (How to Make the Right Decision)

Effects of Wasted Time

During the last few months I have been trying to do the tasks of 4 people all alone. I thought I could handle it. There were so many obligations on my plate but I felt like I never had the time to handle them. These overwhelming responsibilities had me STRESSED OUT. If my hair was long enough to pull it out, I would be bald headed. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t gain weight. My body was paying the cost for my decisions. Continue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time” »

I recently wrote an article for Pick the Brain titled, The Strength to Overome. I would highly recommend it for anyone going through a difficult situation.

Bike Activity

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Do you want to improve your quality of life?

Have you ever wished for the dream job, planned how to lose weight, considered how you could make more money, dreamed about the day your kids would listen to you, thought about starting your own business, hoped your relationship would get better, or just desired more than what you currently have in every aspect of your life?

I have.

In fact it has become almost a daily practice. I think it is in our genetic make-up to go through a process that generates this desire to want to continually improve. We are constantly making conscious or unconscious decisions to change, to get better, to improve who we are. This is why we get sad when things don’t go our way, feel defeated every time we fail, and get depressed when our actual lives don’t live up to our life plans. People want to get better, become smarter, and have more personal success.

If you don’t believe me consider modern science and how new discoveries are being made everyday. Look at Olympic sports where the athletes are getting faster and faster every year destroying previous world records. Consider the influx of cellular devices into everyday life like the iPhone where you can say requests and the AI (artificial intelligence) can respond. In all honesty the rate at which the world is changing is alarming, but that’s not my point.

In order to keep pace with this changing world, we have to make sure that we are taking the personal steps to improve the quality of our own lives. How do we make those steps? We have to learn to put activity over intention. Continue reading “Improve Your Quality of Life: Activity vs Intention” »

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I have been blogging for a little while now. I started with a simple goal. I wanted to make a lot of money and work from home. I slowly found out that this process was not as easy as it looked. I thought I would throw up a web site and wait for the money to roll in. I’m still waiting on that money.

Along my journey though, I did discover a new path. My writing and web purposes transformed away from doing something for me and it became about what I can do for others. I started writing about things that moved me in my life. I started being open about the challenges I faced and how I overcame them. For some odd reason people responded. My traffic blew up. That means I got more than just my mom to read it. 🙂

A Spark Starts from that point was re-born and became a pillar of inspiration to anyone who was looking for a jolt to get them through their day. Although, I would like to take credit for all the great stories I come up with, I must be honest and say that there are some great people who inspire me. Today I am sharing with you just who they are. Continue reading “The People Who Inspire Me” »

When Can A Man Cry?

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The Rollercoaster of Life

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