Never Be The Same Again!

This is the moment. Hopefully, this note is the catalyst. This finally is the time that you MUST stop living your cyclical life and start to branch out into your potential. Why?      Because today is the yesterday that you dreamed would never come. Today is the promised possibility for you to reassert yourself and […]

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Traffic Jams Happen For A Reason

There is nothing worse than having a long and stressful day at work just to end up stuck in traffic on the way home. This would not be just some slow moving, delay, or reroute type of traffic. I am talking about grid lock. Where the cars are packed in so close together that you […]

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You Can’t Start At The End

Recently I have been bombarded with idea after idea of things I would like to pursue. Every day, every moment, every hour, that goes by I feel like the very plans I made for myself are slowly slipping through my grasp. I am a mess. I have so many ideas that I don’t know where […]

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