Sleep on the Wrong Job

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(I’ve been stuck with the wrong job once before.)

I sat at my desk staring at the screen, waiting patiently for the numbers located in the bottom right hand corner to change. To my amazement, it seems that every 60 seconds I was rewarded by the increase of one digit on the clock. The challenge was, it slowly went from 8:00 a.m. to 8:05 a.m. while my eyes were stuck on it. My shift had just begun. How in the world could the beginning of my day be so painfully torturous? The only thing worse than punching in was hearing the blaring alarm clock at the very beginning of the day to start it.

Am I the Only One Who Hates My Job?

For a while, I thought it was just me. I thought I was the only one who went through the day in a zombie like state with only the occasional cup of coffee to give me the temporary feeling of being alive. I thought I was the only one on twitter updating the world about which buttons I was currently pushing on my keyboard. I thought I was the only one who updated my Facebook status during the day talking about how much I would like to be off work.
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A good friend asked me what all this “NETWORKING TALK” was about. I told him to check out the below post… he laughed, read it twice, and hasn’t asked me another question about networking in a year. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think.


Most large companies start out as small companies — even Walmart started as a thought in the mind of Sam Walton. Getting from here to there requires time, effort, planning and a little luck. Some business leaders focus their planning on how to grow the company, without planning for how essential networking (internally and externally) is to their success.

It’s Not Who YOU Know, It’s “Who Knows YOU!”

One of my favorite co-workers says this phrase at least twice every week. I didn’t fully appreciate it’s power until I got into my current role in August.

Get rid of the guilt

Through my entire professional working career I have tried to build strong relationships with my bosses, co-workers, and clients. Yet, I never really tried to leverage these relationships to birth new opportunities. I always felt that it may backfire and hurt my existing relationship(s). I also felt kind of guilty asking for help from people.

It wasn’t until I reached out to an old friend in hopes of helping a person I had just met that I saw the TRUE power of networking.

What are the benefits of Networking?

Networking with purpose can save you tons of time, make you lots of friends, and open countless doors. I won’t even attempt to give a comprehensive list of all the things that can birth out of networking. I’ll just say that a co-worker of mine just got back from Philadelphia because he had box seats to a Colts/Eagles game that he received from someone his wife met through networking! They couldn’t go themselves and wanted to give them to someone who would use them. Think, those tickets could have been offered to you if you were in the same network, lol. Continue reading ““Read this Twice and Call me In the Morning”” »

the greatest journeyI had lunch last week with a high-ranking business woman for a fortune 500 company. Considering I’ve been on this quest to outline the tenets of success in a practical manner I couldn’t help myself. I had to ask her what tips she would give to someone early in their career.

Without hesitation she jumped right into four keys to her professional climb:

Know your business

Never get complacent with your industry or your position. In most cases, the knowledge you hold now is not good enough to stand the test of time. Thus, you must keep working to stay on top of what’s new and what’s coming down the pipeline. This is a key differentiators, especially early in a professional career, as many entry level associates are content to be gainfully employed.

Pick Careers/Companies Carefully

Again, early in your career it is easy to run after the job that offers the most money. In the words of another great man, “Money answers all things.” To some extent this is true, however, in the case of a life-long career this may not be the case. If you are going to be an entrepreneur then you’ll probably start with a budget of zero. Yet, if you have the discipline, working for yourself could be the best choice you’ve ever made.

If you are going to work for a company you have to do your homework. If you find a company that aligns with your values and produces a product that you 100% believe in, then you’ll have an easy time giving that organization your all. Believing in the vision, product(s) and the culture are essential for a long career without ten or fifteen restarts. Continue reading “The GREATEST Journey” »

Improving Productivity with Purpose?

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