Changing Jobs: An Inspiring Story

by Frank

Changing Jobs Empty Office

Photo from Ben Husmann

In one of the most challenging economic environments in our history, thousands of skilled workers have found themselves unemployed. In a tough job market these individuals are changing jobs, accepting new roles in positions beneath their skill set, just to earn a living.  There are former corporate executives delivering pizzas. There are former UAW Skilled Machinist and Tool and Die makers working in a retail environment as cashiers. This story is for you.


I love what I do. There is nothing that brings me more joy than the ability to earn a wage doing something I am good at. When I step into the building every morning I get a sense of accomplishment just knowing that I am making a difference. I will be honest, not every day is perfect and I would prefer spending time on a beach but I am good at what I do. There are people around me who respect my opinion, value my point of view, and at least pretend to listen when I offer a suggestion.

My team recognizes me as a leader and constantly seeks my input and feedback on work related issues. Not only do I have a great relationship with my peers but I have an ever expanding network of colleagues in various departments who help me map out my career when I am ready to consider changing jobs. With my tenure comes the authority to calculated risks and make decisions that would be for the benefit of the company. The pay doesn’t hurt either. Bottom line is I matter.


I can’t believe this is happening. The manager of our department has called a universal meeting that everyone must attend. The look in his eyes alerts me that the news to be delivered can’t be good. As I sit down in my seat I hear the people gossiping amongst each other talking about our CEO has resigned. The department head walks up to the podium, on a stage in our large conference center, with tears forming in his eyes and says, “This is the hardest news I have ever had to deliver. Effective immediately,…” he stutters as his voice cracks from the emotion, “our department has been eliminated and you will not be reassigned.”

I was changing jobs rather I wanted to or not.

I applied everywhere for any opportunity I was qualified for. Every position that opened up, I was surprised to find out I was competing against my peers and the thousands of other people in my line of work that had been laid off as well. The bills started piling up. The creditors started calling. I was forced to look at changing jobs from something I was skilled at to something that would pay the bills.

Now, I work at a place where I am disrespected, where my opinion is not wanted nor valued. My effort is overlooked and I am mocked for my initiative. I find no satisfaction in the work I do. The only authority I have is the ability to choose when to go to the bathroom during my 10 hour shift. As I look at myself in the mirror I am disappointed with the atmosphere I am in.


I wrote this story not from my imagination but from a variation of my personal experience. I have been fired and it was one of the most devastating and demoralizing things that has ever happened in my life. At points I have been in positions where I earned enough money in 1 month to sustain my family for 4 months after I decided I was interested in changing jobs. To only be disappointed to find a job that didn’t make enough money in 1 month to sustain my family for 1 week.

Here’s what makes the difference. No matter where you are in the job market it doesn’t has to be your final destination. You don’t have to have a Phd, MBA, BA, or an ABCD 🙂 to make it, though it could help. You don’t need to make $6000 a week slanging the hottest pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing promotion to make it.

You don’t have to settle working a job that doesn’t reflect who you are and what you are capable of.

In life we all go through rough patches. The challenges we face are real in order to get where we want to be, we have to be willing to fight for what we want. You changing jobs was not the book of your life ending, it is the conclusion of a chapter and now its time to start writing a new one. I can’t wait to see you take back what’s yours and achieve more than you ever have in your past.

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