Chasing After You

by Frank

Chase Your Dreams

I am close enough to win this I can't give up now.

A story of the constant struggle to grasp something that is just out of reach.

My heart is racing. I can’t catch my breath. I promise you if it wasn’t for my rib cage I think my heart would be beating outside of my chest. As blood pumps through my body the flow is so aggressive that I can feel my heart pulsating in my throat. Out of pure exhaustion I bend forward, put my hands on my knees and try fervently to catch my breath.

My lungs are expanding and collapsing so fast that it seems my body is trying to inhale and exhale at the same time. To make matters worse the very thing I have been pursuing with every ounce of my being just barely got away from me. I missed it by centimeters.

Have you ever been so close to having something you really wanted just to watch it slip right through your fingertips? I mean a frantic pursuit with you sprinting with both arms outstretched, veins pulsating, face grimacing, and clothes soaked because of the amount of effort you have put forth to obtain something you are desperate for. I mean this thing is so close you can taste it.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist throwing in the old cliche there. I know I have and I am still on the pursuit.

It is there right in front of you taunting, frustrating and teasing you like the fast kid no one can catch in a game of tag. Every time I think I have it in my grasp it changes direction. It is spinning out of my hands, jumping, climbing and moving in unpredictable patterns.

This thing is like a free runner. It wants you to think it is unattainable, that it can’t be captured, that it is faster than you even while you are running at your top speed. It wants you to give up hope and find something else to chase after.

The truth of the matter is you will never catch it if you aren’t desperate enough to keep running, even when it seems well out of reach.

Running has psychological and physical benefits. When you run your body produces endorphins that heal the body and help you fend off disease. It also improves your cardiovascular system improving heart functionality. Constant running can give you greater endurance and conditioning meaning you can go just a little bit farther everyday your feet hit the pavement. Everyday you run you get stronger than the day before.

Now that I have caught my breath, its time to get back in pursuit. One day I will be strong enough. One day I will be fast enough. One day I wall have just enough strength to capture what I am after. Until then I will have to dodge unnecessary delays, hurdle over disappointments, get back up after I fall, and work on my form until it is perfect.

As long as I know it is there, as long as I can still see it, hear it, smell it, or feel it,


Chase Your Dreams!