He is Just Like Me (Conclusion)

by Frank

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As I stood there watching my son throw the mother of all fits, I immediately had a flash back.

closed sign

What do you mean you are closed?


When I was in junior high I was a bit of a class clown, if you hadn’t already guessed that shame on you. I acted a complete and utter fool during my science class to the point where the teacher didn’t know what to do with me. To make matters worse for her is that she couldn’t fail me because I was also her best student. I would act a fool and not pay attention and then answer all of her questions correctly.


Finally in frustration she forced me to sit in the classroom with her and not go to with the rest of my peers to lunch on time. I didn’t mind because for one she was gorgeous, don’t tell my wife, and two I had a crush on her. I think that was why I acted the way I did. She lectured me for 20 minutes straight with punch line after punch line on being a good example for my peers. The entire time she was talking my stomach was growling and getting louder and louder by the second. After all of her best motivational speeches she allowed me to go to lunch.


The cafeteria was closed.

I didn’t eat lunch that day. In fact I didn’t eat until I got home late for dinner. My father was the first person I encountered and he knew that something was wrong. I didn’t smile. I didn’t laugh. I didn’t talk. When I opened my mouth to say a word the first thing that came out was, “She made me miss lunch.”

I nearly got the woman fired. So, here I am ** years later watching my son pull a ‘me’. I was a teenager so I handled it a little bit better but his reaction was the same to me none the less. After reflecting on the ordeal I wanted to do a self evaluation to see how far I have come with the whole attitude food thing. Surprisingly, not a thing has changed.


I actually think I am worse now than I was before. There was a habit formed in me at a young age that even as an adult I struggle with. Now believe me I know that being angry when you are hungry is a human reaction but  our behavior is a little extreme. So, one of the greatest lessons I have learned from my son is that old habits die hard and that no matter how old we get there is still a fighting mad hungry toddler inside of us.

Have a great day!

Do you have any habits lingering around from your childhood that you have overlooked? Share you thoughts below?