Deja Vu

by Jermaine

Brain diagram of Deja VuI’ve been here before.

-On the cusp of destruction and total hopelessness. Where every move I make feels like it is leading me farther away from my desired outcomes. I’ve been to that bleak place where confusion and complaining commingle to create the perfect storm of fear, frustration, and darkness. Yeah, the walls look different and some of the names have changed but the feeling in my gut is exactly the same.

I’ve seen what the deferment of a dream can do to a dreamer.

How it can turn optimist into fruitless fragments of their once amazing selves… not only forgetting their own purpose but distorting the purpose of those around them via heightened negative energy and verbal dream slaying. How disturbing. How discouraging. How sad.

If you look for it, Change will come!

Yet, I’m convinced this place and this state is not eternal but temporal. The mental anguish cannot sustain its pressure. Eventually the front door will open: If not a front door, a back door, if not a back door, then a window. A new path will present itself and the eyes that are looking for the breakthrough will maximize the opportunity for change.

This change may not encompass every area of your life. Still, once change starts it invites the dreams in other areas to return. In fact, it nurtures the spirit, feeds the will, and inspires the soul to seek more again. Change chips away at the lies that limits present. Change amplifies that small voice in your gut that tells you, “You’re destined for greatness!” Change reminds us of who we were before the bleak state and how a season of despair can’t break you. Instead, despair makes you stronger, bolder, and more in-tune with the universe.


Do you remember that you were told by the people you trust the most that life wouldn’t be easy? That you’d have to fight tooth and nail for every inch of ground that you set out to conquer? That the bigger your goals are the more opposition you would face? Yes, momma told you there’d be days like this.

Do you also remember they told you , “You can do it!” Anything you set your mind to achieve is within your reach. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Even if you can’t move the mountain you have been blessed with the strength to climb it.

Trust me when I say that your greatest success is in the future. In total opposition to what your eyes reveal, there is hope for the hopeless. Even if you are so low that you have to look up to see bottom… your most exciting and rewarding days still await you if you are willing to press.

How do I know?

I’ve been here before.