Did You Just Kick Me?

by Frank

Ian is taking karate lessons. I have nicknamed him the Chocolate Ninja. Every day after his classes we review what they went over to make sure the information has sunk in. Another reason we do this is because it costs way too much for him not to pay attention and I want to make sure he gets it. If he doesn’t become a black belt I will. Well this time after class Ian was feeling good about the new move he had just learned.

The Next Karate Kid

With just a short amount of practice he had the move perfected. It was time to see if he could pull it off with someone standing in his general vicinity. I bowed in front of him, made a silly noise, and put up my fist like I was ready to fight. Ian stepped back into his ready stance and the battle began.


After I got up off of the floor, Ian was watching The Wonder Pets and eating dinner. I didn’t even remember cooking. Clearly, the boy had the move down. So good in fact I couldn’t even remember what had happened in the last 20 minutes. The kid has talent.

As I reflected on the whooping I just got by a 5 year old. It made me think about the things I try to “take on” in my life. I have tried to tackle a obstacle that I didn’t have the skill to implement successfully. Surprisingly, I had the nerve to be shocked when I failed. You have got to prepare if you want to survive in a fight for your life.


It is wise not to go picking fights with people who know karate. You are bound to get hurt. It is the same in life. If you are bold enough to take a stand and a risk for something, you better have done your homework or else you will spend a lot of time getting up off of the floor. Take the time and prepare for your challenges.

So how can your prepare?

  1. Be proactive.
    Anticipate problems and look for solutions before they happen.
  2. Study
    If there is a weakness that you are aware of in your life strengthen it now before it is exploited.
  3. Don’t fight people who know karate unless you know more karate than them.
    This will increase your chances of not getting knocked out.
  4. Network
    Meet as many people as you possibly can. Each person you know has a vast level of experience with challenges they have faced and overcome. Use them to help you get to that next level in your life.

  5. I really want to emphasize this, dont fight people who know karate..

By taking the time to prepare for a difficult situation or a challenge you can take away the shock and transition through the issue with the least amount of collateral damage.

So my question to you today is..

What are you preparing for? I am working on my first book.

(This story has been exaggerated for entertainment purposes. All of the events may not have happened to the exact extent in which they were described.)