Are You Willing to Die For It?

by Frank

achieving goals with purpose

Photo By Mark Barner


I was sitting around, doing the usual waste of time things I like to do everyday, when I had a thought overwhelm my thinking. There was something productive I needed to be doing with my time. Sitting here watching Sponge Bob with my son is not going to get me any closer to the goals that I have for myself. Although funny, Squidward’s sarcastic comments are not going to change the lives of the people who I affect on a daily basis.


Finally, I get up from my comfortable seat and review the list of goals that I have for the day. As I starred at the list, a few of the items jumped right off of the page to me. They were the stupidest things I could ever think of and to make matters worse they were on my list of goals. For the sake of embarrassment I won’t share with you what they were but man they were pointless.

After realizing that I am an idiot for making my list of goals before my eyes are open in the morning , I humbly started to re-evaluate what was important in my life. I wanted to re-establish at least to myself what a GOAL was. Now this may not resonate with all of you but to me it was paramount. This is what I came up with.


A goal is a predetermined destination that will be obtained with every ounce of my being using focus, determination, and perseverance. It is either win or go home, put up or shut up, or fight or flight. My new goals will have a purpose that goes beyond rational emotions or personal feelings. They will have a deeper meaning that touches the core of my existence and give me hope in times of despair. My goals when focused on will give me renewed strength and hope.

Failure is no longer an option. Therefore, my goals will stray away from a list of tasks that I want to do in a given time period and become something much more profound. In fact I only have one that comes to mind when I reflect on it, and is something I feel so strongly about that I am ready and willing to die for it.

I am totally committed.

As you review your list of goals I want you to take some time and focus not just on the tasks you want to accomplish but also review the reasons why. If it is not something that you feel passionate about, something that gives you a feeling of purpose, it might be time to scratch it off of the list. Ask yourself this question.

Are you willing to die for it? (Is it important enough to you?)

If not, stop wasting your time. Do you really want to… ( I am still too embarrassed to put what I had on that list)….