Do I Look Like I Care?

by Frank

Photo by Graur Razvan Ionut

So many times in my life I have focused on developing different aspects of my life to try to become a better more well rounded individual. Recently I was reflecting on some of my past experiences and a story came to mind that was so powerful that it made me change my thoughts.

Since when did self development become so selfish? I mean, I am here living on this wonderful planet taking in all of its splendor and majesty but I notice when I look around that I am not all alone. So with all of these people around, how do others affect my development and what can I do to affect theirs. It all starts with a kind act, a caring act.


About a few years ago I was driving home from school when a young man, chasing a ball, ran into oncoming traffic and was hit by a car. The driver of the vehicle slammed on his brakes and swerved to try to avoid this young man but unfortunately was unsuccessful. It was during rush hour traffic in the afternoon. I just knew somebody was going to get out of their car besides the driver who hit him to check on his condition. Unfortunately I was wrong.

With the hundreds of cars that drive through this intersection not one of them stopped to help. They even had the nerve to blow the horn and complain about the traffic. One brilliant 🙁 older gentleman almost hit an emergency worker in attempts to squeeze by the officers and emergency vehicles. When pulled over by the police I am told he responded that, “he had a bad day at work.” There is a kid on the ground fighting for his life and he was mad because you burnt a few burgers while working at McDonald’s.


When did the world become so insensitive? As I looked around at the faces of the people driving by they looked annoyed, frustrated, and disconnected. If I could read their minds they probably would be thinking, “Do I look like I care?”


The simple act of caring has the power to bridge gaps in any area of difference in our lives. It has the power to build communities, strengthen families, and create opportunities to establish new relationships. Not only will the person benefit greatly from the help but you will grow from it too. It is a win-win situation. No one leaves from this situation the same. You have just made personal development an unselfish act and have taken the first step to start a network of growth and change.

So, how do you show you care?

  • Help someone solve a problem without them having to ask for help.
  • Put someone else’s need before you own.
  • Volunteer to help build your community.
  • Take care of things others give to you.
  • Make friends with someone who seems like they need one.
  • Offer help with everyday tasks.
  • Do everything you can to make someone else’s life easier.

These are just a few things you can do to start. Please don’t be the people driving by frustrated because your problems are more important than someone else’s. It is time to make personal development a group activity. It is time to show the world we care.