Do You Believe It’s Possible?

by Frank

highwayThe ball is rolling. You have made some momentum. Many of you have already taken the first step by identifying what you want to do and made a guess at what it would take to get started. Naturally you have questions. You want direction. You want clarity. You want a plan. However, before you can get into the logistics you need to go somewhere a lot more terrifying first: your heart.

This crucial part of the process of chasing your dreams is often overlooked.

The adrenaline rush of transforming into a new you and a new life will cause you to make rash decisions. You will grab hold of a vision and speed off towards the destination on a half a tank of gas thinking you are leaving your past behind. Well what many don’t know is that blindly following adrenaline is like leaving your wallet at home while you are speeding down the highway on 3000 mile road trip.

You will only get so far before you find yourself walking down the side of the interstate with your thumb out trying to hitch a ride. You see there is something so important at the starting stage that people fail to take heed of. There is wisdom that can save you from coming back to where you started on the walk of shame with worn out shoes and clothes that have deteriorated from wind, rain, and wildlife as you became one with nature when your car ran out of gas.

What is the key that is hidden in the heart?

It is belief, the belief that obtaining your dream is possible, the belief you have what it takes to hit your goal, the belief that if others can be successful you can too, the belief that despite all odds you can and will make it. Without this, in the words of my favorite Monopoly Community Chest card, “Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.” You are wasting your time. You are starting down a path with a dead end.

Can you do it without having faith that it is possible? Yes, but only for so long.

While driving down the interstate to get to your dream you will see scenic views, sunrise and sunsets, rainbows, and animals frolicking in meadows. There also be will be traffic, detours, flat tires, busted suspensions, poor wheel alignment, leaking oil, busted AC units, check engine lights, and low fuel. I’m not pessimistic, I just want you to be aware that if the dream is big enough, it won’t be a short drive. Without the belief that it is possible, what do you think happens after you refill the tire with the slow leak for the 15th time causing you delay?

You are going to lose it!

If there is no hope to keep you going, if there is no inspiration to keep you growing, if there is no motivation to keep you moving there is no reason you will feel to go on. If you don’t believe it’s possible every obstacle will seem 50 times its normal size. Every set back will make you want to quit, every negative comment will make you question your dream, every obstacle will make you want to turn around and go back. Without faith, like my rear view mirror warns, objects (drama) may seem closer than they appear. There is no time like the present to do some serious reflection to determine if your dreams line up with your gifts, passions, and talents. These are the areas where belief breeds naturally in its strongest form.

The journey to reach your dreams will be the hardest commute you will have in your life. It is worth every ounce of your strength to pursue because dreams are where lives are changed, communities are transformed, generations are refocused, and the world is altered. I challenge you to search yourself to see if you have the faith to make it. The world is waiting on you.

Do you believe it’s possible? I do!