Do you trust me?

by Frank

In America, we used to have something known as the honor system. If someone gave you their word, they would do just what they said they would do. Boy have times changed. If a certain family member of mine told me they would be there in 10 minutes, you were lucky to see them within an hour. That is just time. Nowadays people including myself do much worse than that. We make empty promises to our, well everybody.

Ian asked me just the other night to play football with him. I looked him right in his eyes and said as soon as I finish making this grocery list we are going to play football. I finished the grocery list, got in the car, and went shopping. While at the store, I hate shopping by the way, Ian starts cutting up. He is doing the, I don’t hear anything you say routine. So my blood is boiling. I am about to kick in to disciplinarian mode.

My lovely, beautiful, intelligent wife senses the situation getting tense and asks Ian, “Why aren’t you listening to daddy?”

I didn’t care. His actions spoke louder than any explanation he could have had. Clearly he wanted trouble.

Ian started crying loudly and said, “I am angry because daddy said he would play football with me and he didn’t.”

Who do you think needs to be disciplined now?

Ian right, it was a sad story and all but you don’t cut up on me in public. LOL! So after I straightened him out, by apologizing and trying to make it right, I made a decision to keep the promises I make to my son. But why stop there? This is an isolated incident with a clear lesson but as I looked a little deeper it had a much bigger meaning.

It dealt with my character. If I could make my own flesh and blood a promise and I can’t keep it, how in the world do I expect anyone else to believe a word that comes out of my mouth?

Yes or No

Can we trust you?

If I can’t trust you I don’t want you to help me. I would rather walk away, ignore, and throw a fit than be around someone I can’t trust.

Today I end with this thought. I know I have done some things in the past that would make me seem untrustworthy. Starting today my goal is to do what I say, and say what I mean.

I hope in the future I can read the title of this article and answer it yes.

My questions is can we trust you?

Prove it.