Don’t Die There

by Frank

ice cold drink

Photo by Michael Lorenzo

Can you get me something to drink?

I am grossly dehydrated. Saying my mouth could be compared to the Sahara desert would be an understatement. My tongue feels like sandpaper and when I swallow there is nothing but the feeling of stabbing knives going down my throat. Moisture is nonexistent. The usual licking of the lips will not bring relief to my dehydrated, sunburned, and dry lips. To talk hurts. To breathe hurts. To think hurts.

The only soothing sensation I receive is from the blood dripping from the cracks on my coarse lips. The worst part about all of this is that the kitchen is only 10 steps away and it is full of delicious, flavorful, cold beverages selected for my very own drinking pleasure. 🙂


It is just this bed I am lying in that is holding me hostage. I have this special groove, a spot, a comfort zone that I just can’t abandon. You know what I am talking about don’t you?

As I laid in my comfortable groove my son Ian walks by the door. Any other time Ian walks anywhere it is at a pace similar to lightning. The boy comes in one setting and that is warp speed. Not today, today Ian is moving in slow motion, gliding across the floor gracefully with an ice cold drink with beads of sweat dripping down the side of his cup.

To make matters worse I think I just saw a silver bullet train blow through my house and I see a lot of people dancing themselves happy with ice cold drinks in their hands but I didn’t get a cup. Wait a second that was just a commercial on TV.

“Ian,” I screamed. “Let me have some of your juice.” He declined. I was way too comfortable in my spot to chase him and my mouth was too dry to scream again. “Baby, can you bring me something to drink?”

I call to the Mrs. who was only a few feet away. I love my wife and our relationship is kind of different. We are brutally honest with each other. We have a no holds barred, say what you mean, no fluff communication style. So her response was expected. “If you want something to drink you better get up and get it.” I hear back quickly.

The truth is becoming ever so clear. If I want something to drink I am going to have to go get it myself. But man this spot is so comfortable. I have been here so long. I have the pillow just where I want it. The blanket is covering me and keeping me at the perfect temperature. My show is on and the volume is just right. Hey I am in my comfort zone.

Sadly what I NEED is not in the spot I feel most comfortable in. In order for me to quench my thirst and fulfill a fundamental human need I have to move?

Staying where I am comfortable won’t bring the change that I am so desperately in need of. I guess it is time to get up before I die here.

Are you thirsty enough to move?


One of the best ways to pursue continual development is to never get stuck in a comfort zone. If you’re comfortable, you aren’t pushing yourself to reach your full potential. Would you want a penny if you are entitled to a dollar? Don’t live beneath your privilege.

Today do something different, do something challenging, do something uncomfortable and watch what happens. You might just change the world.