Don’t Waste Your Time

by Frank

TimeOne of the most critical and continuous decisions you will make in your life is based upon how you spend your time. Just think about how many times this decision presents itself throughout your day.

Should I work or read this story on the web?
Should I sign up for overtime or go hang out with my friends because it’s Friday night.
Should I play Madden all night or spend time with my wife?
Should I get a good nights sleep or stay up until 2:30 a.m. watching shows I don’t even like?

We are continually making decisions about how we spend our time. These choices, even though we may not give them credit, are shaping our future. Our time based decisions are leading us towards a reward or negative consequences. (How to Make the Right Decision)

Effects of Wasted Time

During the last few months I have been trying to do the tasks of 4 people all alone. I thought I could handle it. There were so many obligations on my plate but I felt like I never had the time to handle them. These overwhelming responsibilities had me STRESSED OUT. If my hair was long enough to pull it out, I would be bald headed. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t gain weight. My body was paying the cost for my decisions.

If I didn’t make a change there was no way I could continue to sustain. (Take that Dr. Seuss!) I was running around without a purpose trying to do things that I thought that mattered but weren’t really making a difference. I wasted months trying to fix things that weren’t broken. I got off track and lost my way going down a path I was never meant to travel on. The sad reality is… I can never get that time back. It’s gone. And I bet during my dying days, I will regret every single moment that I wasted.

The Benefits of Managing Time

After this eye opening experience I made a drastic change and it has IMMEDIATELY changed my life. I made a decision to do everything I could not to waste a moment of my time. With the help of various resources I took back control of my time and my life. If you are in a situation similar to what I was, you can to.

It is not complicated, frustrating, nor will it cost you 15 easy payments of $35.99. It is based upon a simple system that I will describe below:

Step One: Define your purpose.
Step Two: Spend your free time working on your purpose.

Deciding How To Use Your Time

My purpose: To provide for the emotional, monetary, spiritual, health and mental needs of my family. To create a legacy of positive behaviors that impacts the nature of future generations. To break the cycle of debt and poor financial responsibilities. To love unconditionally and be loved that way in return. To use ALL of my talents and return to glory empty. To make a impact so drastic that the world is forced to change for the better. To bring hope to the hopeless and faith to the unbeliever.

My purpose defines how I spend my time. Now, whenever I am stuck in the valley of decision trying to choose which path to take, I focus on the one that will help me fulfill my purpose.

Should I play the game for 2 hours or read a book on time management? Which one helps me fulfill my defined purpose?

Should I go out on Friday night or work overtime to pay off my debt? Which one will help me fulfill my purpose?

Should I stay home and watch football or go to church to get a WORD that will keep me through the week? Which one will help me fulfill my purpose?

Should I write a post that could change someone’s life or watch 3 hours of Yukon Men on Discovery channel? Which one helps me fulfill my purpose?

Fill Wasted Time With Purpose

With purpose every decision gets a little bit easier. I strive to no longer waste time on things that don’t matter. If it is not bringing me closer to fulfilling my dreams, it serves no purpose in my life. As you go into this day, this week, this year, please don’t waste your time. If it has no purpose then it does not deserve any of your time.

This thought process has completely changed the way I operate at work, home, and in everything I do. I feel like a completely different person. I’m not stressed, I’m blessed and everyday my choice to spend my time on things that matter most is setting me up for a very prosperous future. Make a decision not to waste your time today! It will completely change your life. It changed mine.