Facts vs. Function (continued)

by Jermaine


The facts:
The facts say that life is rough.

You won’t make your dreamed goals because the whole world is working against you. Chaos is the order of the day. The economy is down. The job market is failing as a structure. Nobody and no organization is safe. Even the school systems are cutting teachers.

What is the world coming to?

In short, looking at the facts that-revolve-around-life can get downright depressing. I understand why people are afraid to get married, start a business, have a child, move to a new city, change career paths, etc.

All of the facts point toward failure and unlimited risk. At this rate, it makes perfect sense that any rational individual put away their rose-colored lens, bury into a hole in the ground, and hide from all of the pitfalls that stand to engulf them. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


The function:
If you know what your function is (as God has decreed) then all of the facts mean nothing.

The TRUTH (not the facts) says that you’re the head and not the tail. You’re the lender and not the borrower. You’re above and not beneath. You are destined for great things which include holding prized positions and leaving lasting impressions. Every place that you set your feet God has ALREADY given to you. If you function under this anointing with this authority then the rest of the universe will bend to ensure that God’s will is fulfilled in your life.


Because your will has become His will. Thus, the power source behind your decrees and proclamations is infinite. You’re operating in a season of haste and no one or no-thing is more determined to get you to your appointed destination than the very Creator Himself.

Can you imagine that the words that you’re about to say, the actions you’re about to take, and the leadership role you’re about to fill were planned before the foundation of the world? And think, every quality that is inherently you was put inside of you so that you could walk out this magnificent plan.

You are not a surprise to God

He knew you would be right here right now. He also knows where you’re going next and intends for His word to be a lamp that illuminates your path. He’s going to give you open signs that point you towards your promise in spite of all of your haters, doubters, and nah-sayers. NOW THAT IS FUNCTION!

So…. The next time the facts stand in opposition of what the TRUTH has spoken into your life step back and remember that operating in your function causes you to have all kind of favor! That favor is not tied to failure but fate. Yet, that favor is only activated by faith!

Jeremiah 29:11 KJV
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.