Follow the Signs

by Jermaine

Your daily life is trying to point you towards "something." Your job is to figure out what.

Growing up I never had the luxury of going outside and stealing an authentic traffic sign to put up in my bedroom. I was even more afraid of attempting this feet while in college (though some would say this was the time to try).

At the end of the day every one of the nearly 7 billion people on the globe want direction. Why? We have questions like:

Should I get married? Is he the one? Am I ready for children? Where should I move? My spouse is driving me crazy, on second thought should I get divorced?!?!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As long as there is life there will be questions. As long as there are questions we’ll, human beings, want answers. Now some questions are just matters of opinion. These are not life or death issues so they become preference. Yet, there are some important questions that demand answers.

Its time to realize that while we have these important questions we also have a lot of the important answers. They’re blowing in the breeze. They’re being whispered to us as we role over at 2:59 A.M. They’re gnawing at us as we brush our teeth half-awake.

The signs are all around us. The question is really not which direction should we go.

The question is, how long will it take us to submit?